Why you need a home bar

Log Cabin Bar

When you’re young or first away from home, going to a bar and grabbing a drink is a lot of fun. It’s a thrill to get all dressed up, drink a lot and walk into a busy bar full of strangers. Once that’s worn off, you need a home bar to make your perfect personalised night out:

  1. There aren’t any strangers to judge your alcohol choice, or alcohol-induced behaviour
  2. No taxi stress
  3. Beer in your pyjamas!
  4. Your choice of TV and music
  5. You control the volume
  6. Sit on the comfiest seats
  7. No more rip-off entry fees or drinks prices
  8. Perfect guest list every time

Here’s the list in more detail.


You don’t have to behave too well

The morning after the night before…yuck! Your head spins, you are trying to stop yourself from running to the toilet and throwing up before the dreaded ‘beep’ comes from your phone. You have to brace yourself before you see images of you misbehaving in public (why is there always an image of you kissing a stranger?!?). If you have a bar in your back garden, you don’t have to worry about this because your friends are with you. Anything you do embarrassing, they will probably do to, so you are less likely to be worried in the morning.

Far more relaxing

It always feels like work on a night out. You have to get ready, go to a bar, be on your best behaviour, try to ignore everything that annoys you and be the life and soul of the party all night. In your own bar, you don’t. You are in full control. If you want to put your glad rags on, invite all your friends over and be the host of the century, you can. However, if you just want to enjoy a quiet drink in your comfiest clothes, with your closest, after a hard day at work you can do that too.

Log Cabin Bar with sofa
Dress code: very casual

As I briefly mentioned above, the dress code is entirely up to you. You could throw themed parties for Halloween where you all get your glad rags on or you could enjoy a night time tipple in your onesie. It really doesn’t matter. Your home bar won’t judge, and neither would we.

No sports…unless you want them

Sports on in the background? No thank you! It can be so frustrating to get to your favourite bar before realizing that there is an important game on and it is full of rowdy, drunk football fans who are going to shout at the TV every five minutes. In your bar, you control the TV. Maybe you’ll use it to host a movie marathon (no festive period is complete until John McClane utters his immortal lines), you may just have music on in the background or you may choose not to have a TV at all and make it a social hub where everyone actually talks to each other.

Log Cabin Bar

You always have the best seat

You don’t want to be stuck at the seat closest to the toilet and have your conversation overshadowed by people constantly slamming doors or setting the hand dryers off. In a crowded bar, especially on New Year’s, this is often the way unless you get there really early. In your own bar, you are guaranteed the best seat – especially if you have a sofa somewhere in there.

No rising alcohol costs or entry fees

It can be ridiculously expensive planning a night out. New outfits, pre-drink alcohol at home, taxis, club entries, ludicrously priced drinks and then the cab home (we are omitting the early morning kebab as a necessity). Running your own bar, you set the prices. You can stock your bar which, whilst an initial high cost, will work out cheaper in the long run as the bottles will last you a few weeks at least. There is no cab home and, if you need a takeaway, you can always order one in.

Log Cabin Bar with TV

Volume Control
You don’t always want music blasting. In fact, most of the time you just want a quiet place to catch up with friends and hear yourself think. If you go out to celebrate, this often means spending time out in the cold surrounded by smokers. In your own home bar, however, it can be as loud or quiet as you choose. Have the music in the background and actually enjoy your night out – rather than tolerating it. Best of all? You control the music!

Bathroom is always clean
Bar and club toilets – need I say more?!?

Log Cabin Bar

Your own personal guest list
No awkward run ins with your exes or being forced to tolerate the person from the office who you can’t stand but has shown up too. You’re the boss and the guest list is yours to control. This means, instead of being shoulder to shoulder with someone you have no interest in getting to know better, you can be surrounded by your friends which makes for an excellent night every time.

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December 27, 2016

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