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James Carroll 6I often get asked ‘what is the difference between Summerhouses and Log Cabins?’ People want an additional space in their garden to use for hobbies, relaxing or hosting garden parties with their friends and families. It is easy to become confused when looking on the internet when so many options are put in front of you.

In terms of quality, there is not much difference between our Log Cabins and Summerhouses. They both have been designed using high quality slow grown spruce timber to ensure that they are built to last. They all have pressure treated bearers that provide protection against rot and insect infestation for ten years with no need to retreat and they are both ideal for use either professionally or recreationally.

The most obvious difference between the two is the size. Summerhouses are traditionally smaller than Log Cabins although our Valiant 470 Summerhouse is W4.7m x D2.5m is made up of 5 French style opening windows and wide opening Double doors so could be used for the same purpose as our Log Cabins.

If you are looking for something small for your garden, or if it is too compact to house a Log Cabin, then a Summerhouse is for you. We have 5 Parisian inspired ranges; Revolving, Vantage, Vanity, Valiant and Valentine, all of which have beautiful sculpted Georgian Bars which are removable dependent on whether you would like a sleek modern look or more traditional feel to your summerhouse. These all vary in size and design, ensuring that you get a design that compliments your garden and personal preference.

Log Cabins conventionally have less variation within their range and design, but our range of cabins is quite large and comes in a multitude of different ranges, sizes, shapes and styles, 17 ranges to be exact, meaning you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Conventionally used to entertain, these are larger than Summerhouses. In order to offer something for everyone, our Drew range offers a Log Cabin that is just W2.5 x D2.0. This means you can have the characteristics of a Log Cabin and the compactness of a Summerhouse.

A further consideration could be the security of the building, dependant on what is going to be placed inside; this can be a huge factor. The glass panels used in both our Summerhouses and Log Cabins are 4mm toughened glass which is internally beaded from the inside. This makes them more resistant to breakages, scratches and means that they are easier to clean, while the internal beading makes them harder to break into as they cannot be removed from the outside.
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The locks on the ranges vary slightly. Both the Summerhouse and Log Cabins have strong locks to keep your belongings safe from unwanted visitors. The Standard and Premium Log Cabins have a 2 point mechanism, whilst the PremiumPlus Log Cabins have 4 point locking systems, meaning you can lock up your new entertainment centre and sleep soundly in the evening.

We have worked hard to develop ranges that appeal to everybody’s taste and will compliment any garden. Have a Summerhouse the size of a Log Cabin or vice versa. It is down to personal style and taste; your final choice may simply be down to which one you fall in love with first.


January 12, 2015

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