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Severn Log Cabin from Dunster House

Wide variety of Log Cabins for sale


Log Cabins For Sale from Dunster House


“What is that?”

You might call this building pictured above a summerhouse, a shed, or a garden building. We call it a Log Cabin, because it is built with spruce logs and is more substantial than the decorative buildings which we call Summerhouses.

We have many different designs and sizes of log cabins for sale, to ensure that there is something for every budget and garden.

For example, this is our smallest log cabin:


Avon Log Cabin W2.5m x D2.5m


And this is our largest:


Vanguard Log Cabin W5.9m x D5.0m


They can be used in any way you please.  You can read about just a few examples of the many uses our customers have found for their gorgeous log cabins here. Click on the images below for even more possibilities!


Log Cabins For Sale (Interior Ideas)



Our cabins are so versatile because we designed them that way! The door locks are industry leading, with a hook, a locking latch and two roller locks. You can feel safe leaving work files or expensive  equipment inside overnight.


Log Cabins For Sale (Interior Ideas)



If you need a workplace of some kind and intend to be in the cabin all day, then you should look into staying warm! We sell roof, wall and floor insulation for your cabin, as well as 24mm double glazing. This will improve how well the cabin holds heat. If you don’t want to buy and install these items separately, then we have our special “Warmalog” insulated log cabins for sale. These come with the insulation already included in the design.


Log Cabins For Sale (Insulated Warmalog elements)

Warmalog – the pre-insulated cabin


“But I want to change or add something!”

If the layout of our cabins isn’t 100% what you’re after, then don’t despair. You can buy more windows and another door, and in most of our cabins you can even buy a wall to split the cabin into two rooms. The cabins are constructed in a simple stacking fashion, so additional items like these can be easily included in the build.

There are lots of other log cabin enhancements you can buy if you want your new cabin to really shine. How about some coloured treatment? It kills two birds with one stone: looks great and helps to protect the natural timbers from the elements. Roof shingles likewise protect the roof timbers while really giving an impression of a well-finished project.


“Do I need planning permission?”

There are many different factors involved in working out whether your building is a permitted development, or whether it will require planning permission. You can take our useful quiz here, or read the full guidelines for outbuildings here. Our log cabins for sale are under the height requirement (with the exception of the Vanguard log cabin range). That’s one less thing for you to worry about!


So if you’re looking for a garden building that’s sturdy enough to do whatever you want it for without the price tag of a conservatory or extension, check out our Log Cabins today.


If you have any questions, please comment below and we’ll be happy to help!


February 2, 2018

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