It’s all about the height with our Log Cabins

Planning Permission

We proudly tell everyone that our Garden Buildings are less than 2.5m high but why are we so proud of this? It’s because we like to make choosing your Garden Building as easy, and convenient, as we can so once you’ve chosen your Log Cabin, Garden Office or any of the Garden Buildings from our range it’s simply a matter of putting it up.

This may seem like a small thing but, by looking at the rules of Permitted Development and taking them into consideration when designing our Garden Buildings, we save you the head spinning trouble of having to apply for planning permission before choosing where to place your new purchase[i].

By making almost all of our Garden Buildings less than 2.5m high, you do not need permission to place them within 2m of a boundary such as a fence or wall allowing you to maximise the space available in your garden – why not place one of our hexagonal Summerhouses in the top corner of your garden with the back timber panels against the wall/fence to give you an unobstructed view of the garden. As the height of the building is a vital aspect in giving you this control, we clearly mark the Garden Buildings less than 2.5m with a blue icon found under the product picture.

Although we’ve worked as hard as we can to reduce your need for planning permission, there are some limitations that you’ll still need to take into consideration to understand if you need it or not. To make it easier for you, we have put together a simple guide for you to use[ii]. If you do find yourself needing to contact your local authority and apply for planning permission, you may be told that you need to provide floor plans – we can provide these to you for an additional cost which, should you buy one of our garden buildings, will be deducted from the overall price.

If you have any further questions regarding Building Regulations and how they affect you, you can always call our sales team on 01234 272 445.


[i] These are other things to be taken into consideration, if you’re unsure you should always check with your local authority.

[ii]The planning permission guide is intended for Dunster House Buildings only

January 11, 2016

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