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Love Your Garden Log Cabin Dunster House

Last night we appeared on another Love Your Garden – our second in as many weeks. We were as moved with the families story as we were at Joan Myers touching voluntary work last week.

Love Your Garden Log Cabin Dunster HouseThis week featured on the show was the Chapman Family. Natalie and Mark have to be alert at all times. Their twin daughters Darcie and Evie have a severe form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrom. This condition is so rare, that it only affects 1 in 40,000; Darcie and Evie are the only twins in the UK to have it.

Dravet Syndrome can lead to SUDEP (sudden unexplained death in epilepsy patients). It will delay the girls’ development and means they have problems with feeding, sleeping and their behavior. This means that the family cannot take the girls to the park or on holiday. The excitement can cause them to have a seizure.

The old garden was not suitable for the girls as the different levels, colours and light can trigger seizures. Alan had the difficult task of making over the garden so it is safe for them and creating a relaxing environment for mum and dad. Taking inspiration from the twins, the team created a formal look with straight lines. Matching plants and complete symmetry to give the garden a very unfussy look.

Creating a formal garden, with a raised decking area, gazebo and Lantera Summerhouse means that the whole family has a beautiful, friendly and more importantly, safe, garden the girls can play in. The girls play area was made sunken into the ground meaning it can be screened off, making it safe for the girls to play in whatever the weather.

Bottom of the garden

Love Your Garden Log Cabin Dunster House

To get to the bottom of the garden, you need to walk through the Pergola. It  has a roof covering that retracts when necessary. Giving the Chapmans complete control over how much sunlight or shade their daughters get.

At the end of the garden is the Dunster House Lantera Summerhouse with Sidestore, providing the family with a beautiful and convenient relaxation area at the bottom of their garden. Treated independently with a green treatment, the summerhouse provides the finishing touches to a challenging garden.

We feel truly honoured that we have been picked twice this season to help out on a Love Your Garden show. The guests are always so deserving and we wish them years of enjoyment from their garden.

August 6, 2014

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