Love Your Garden: A tale of friendship

Love Your Garden Dunster House Summerhouse

Did you catch last nights Love Your Garden on ITV? It was a tearjerker (I should know, I went through a box of kleenex) and the two recipients were amazing people. Enid and Roberta, fondly known as Robbie, have been friends for an outstanding 71 years helping each other through their ups and down with a mix of humour, laughter and compassion. Alan Titchmarsh and his team on Love Your Garden decided that they wanted to help them – and we were right there to give a helping hand.

Love Your Garden Dunster House Summerhouse

In their heyday, Enid and Robbie enjoyed holidays on Bournemouth Pier. However, at 91, Robbie’s eyesight is failing her. Enid, 86, is her full time carer despite being in remission from breast cancer. Due to the treacherous ramp outside their home, the girls world consists of the walls of the bungalow. The Love Your Garden team worked hard to turn their neglected garden into a place that was full of fond memories, wonderful scents and bright colours so Robbie can enjoy it as much as Enid.

Revolving Summerhouse At Love Your Garden

The team contacted us after seeing the Vantage Revolving Summerhouse on our website, they were impressed as they hadn’t seen a Summerhouse on a revolving base before. I must say it looks absolutely fantastic in their garden and allows them to change the view dependent on their mood. It is 2.5 x 2.5m in diameter, however we do an even smaller one, the Valetta which has a 1.9 x 1.69m diameter base. The Revolving Vantage summerhouse with our roof selection is £1841.91

Love Your Garden Dunster House

The team decided to decorate the inside of the Summerhouse with gold and red curtains and furniture. Representative of the Bournemouth Pavilion, with the walls decorated with images of Enid and Robbie on holidays, Kenn Dodd posters. The founder the Ken Dodd fan group. In addition to other personal items that make them happy everytime they sit there.

These two women were absolutely fantastic and the ending had everyone in tears. Especially when they got the note from Ken Dodd himself. Catch up on the episode on ITV player.

If you are interested in our Vantage Revolving Summerhouse then visit or call 01234 272 445

August 5, 2015

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