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Love your garden Dunster House

You may have seen the promotional activity that has been shown across all four of our social media pages; Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and Twitter. We were featured on ITV1’s prime-time TV show ‘Love Your Garden’ last night and provided a Summerhouse to a very worthwhile woman.

Joan Myers OBE, the only person in the UK to hold the position of the Nurse Consultant in Children’s Community Nursing, has spent her life looking after people less fortunate than herself. As one of the pioneers for the ‘Paediatric Home Care Team in Camberwell’, she has helped to let seriously ill children spend their precious time at home with their parents and siblings rather than spending their lives living in a hospital bed.
Running an eczema service, Joan leads a team of specialist nurses, nursery nurses and support workers in Islington. Along with this, she has created many other community nursing programmes to help people with asthma and allergies meaning fewer people need to see their GP’s or be rushed into hospital.

Religion is very important to Joan; she is a Christian Minister in her local church and is a Christian Missionary. In 2002, she travelled to Kenya and ended up sponsoring a girl she met so she could afford school. When Joan was promoted to Nurse Consultant in 2003, she set up a feeding and education programme so she could sponsor 25 Kenyan children thorough school. She returns annually to see how the children and the family are getting along.

Love your garden Dunster House Love your garden Dunster House

With all her time taken up through such worthwhile causes, her garden has been a little neglected, which is why the Love Your Garden team got involved. As you can see from the pictures above, whilst the garden was not the worst we have seen, it needed a little bit of TLC to truly make it shine.

Love your garden Dunster House
Creating a decking path that leads from the house, over a pond and through to the Summerhouse at the bottom of the garden, the team have created the illusion of space that was not available in the previous photo’s above. Placing some additional seating halfway up the garden, Joan can now sit and relax with the tranquil sounds of trickling water surrounding her.

Love your garden Dunster House
Vibrant purple plants, Joan’s favourite colour, are interspersed amongst the greenery giving the garden a shot of colour to make it really stand out. The decking, water, BBQ and summerhouse make it look more like a holiday retreat than a garden.

Love your garden Dunster House
Alan and his team truly transformed this garden into a beautiful sanctuary for Joan to relax in the few spare minutes that she has between all of her projects. Using the Vantage 250 Summerhouse as a focal point at the end of the garden, with outside decking surrounding it, Joan can now sit and relax  while looking out at the colourful plants that have been placed throughout her garden.


Love your garden Dunster House
The sculpted Georgian bars have been removed from the window, an option we provide to make the Summerhouse truly unique, to allow more sunshine through to the building. With a dining table just outside this stunning building, we are very much jealous of Joan but happy that she is going to be rewarded for all of her hard work. From the tweet she sent us yesterday, we are certain that she will.

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July 30, 2014

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