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We have had the honour, and the privilege, to be approached by the Love Your Garden team frequently for the last few years in order to help transform the garden of worthy people.  Last night’s episode was a prime example of this as we helped in the transformation of Caroline’s garden.

Growing up Caroline was incredibly passionate about animals so, naturally, got a job working for the RSPCA. She would spend her day rescuing poor, neglected animals and absolutely loved it. One day, on a routine call out, Caroline suffered a severe spinal stroke which left her temporary paralysed from the neck down and fighting for her life. Ever the fighter, Caroline worked tirelessly until she was able to walk using walking sticks (and scooters for long trips). She now works at the spinal stroke unit helping to inspire others like her but her passion for animals is still there so she also volunteers at an animal shelter. Between her physical limitations, and time spent working, she hasn’t been able to keep up with the gardening – something that’s heartbreaking for a keen gardener like Caroline.

The team: Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney, Francis Tophill and Katie Rushworth, worked hard to turn the garden (which was as long as 5 double decker buses end to end) into a multi functional garden. Once again, Francis was working on the area where our Daisiley Greenhouse was positioned (I’m starting to think she likes us). She transformed a section of the garden into a space that would reignite Caroline’s passion for growing fruit and vegetables. In addition to large raised beds, our Greenhouse will make maintaining the garden simple. The additional fixed staging gives the Greenhouse plenty of work and storage space, ideal for planting seedlings or any other maintenance the plats may need. Attached to the wall, the staging leaves plenty of space in the Greenhouse for Caroline to move around while working.

Love Your Garden Greenhouse Dunster HouseLove Your Garden Greenhouse Dunster House

Not satisfied with just creating an edible garden, and wanting to give Caroline a space that reminds her of Scotland, the Love Your Garden team also bought one of our PremiumPlus Lexa Sunlight W5.5m x D3.5m. This large Log Cabin, positioned at the end of the garden next to the fence (thank god it’s under 2.5m high), gives Caroline a space where she can invite all her friends and family round for a catch up in the evening and on weekends. Decorated in her clan colours, the Log Cabin has plenty of space for a large dining table inside whilst still leaving plenty of space to move around.

Love Your Garden Garden Office ExteriorLove Your Garden Garden Office Interior


If you missed the episode, catch up on ITV player now: Be warned: tissues are a must, even Alan was crying at the end.

To start your garden make over today:
To make it easier to follow the Love Your Garden teams lead, and order the Garden Buildings that were used in the programme, I’ve listed the links below. If you would rather talk to our sales team, who’ll happily work to find you a Cabin, Summerhouse, Garden Office, Greenhouse or any other Garden Building you need, give us a call on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, fill out this request form and we will get back to you!

The W1.8m x D2.4m Daisiley Greenhouse starts from £1,032.99. To more information about its fantastic features, visit our website:

PremiumPlus Lexa Sunlight W5.5m x D3.5m starts from £2,516.99 (

July 20, 2016

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