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Contemporary Office Dunster House

We know that each of our customers are different and have varied preferences. However, we know one fundamental fact about everyone. We wish we had more time at home and less at work. This isn’t to say you don’t enjoy your work but we all have other things we need to get done. Yet never have the time due to long hours, commuting and other work responsibilities.  Take my day for example: I wake up at 6am, rush to get ready before 7am whilst answering emails and voicemails I have received through the night (not from Dunster House, I am a volunteer too) and rushing to get to work on time. I then spend 9 hours at work before travelling home for 50 minutes, going to the gym, cooking dinner, cleaning and unwinding a little bit. Few more emails and then I can go to bed. Exhausting right?

Now imagine being able to fit more in to your day. The average person commutes 20-30 minutes to work each day. If you crunch the numbers, this takes 5 hours of your time away each week. That’s 260 hours each year – that’s 11 whole days you spend simply travelling to and from work. What would you do with 11 more days a year?

Furthermore we cater to the different tastes and preferences of our custoemrs within our range of products. We sell luxurious Garden Buildings made from Pressure Treated timber and Log Cabins as less corporate alternatives. They are each beautifully practical in their own way. But, for something completely different, you need to look at our Contemporary Offices.

Contemporary office: a practical solution

Contemporary Office Dunster HouseThe Contemporary Office offers a practical, cost effective solution to people who need a workshop, hobbie room or studio to work in. Smaller than the Alexander, Lienne or Theodore offices, this Garden Office will fit in even the smallest garden.

These easy to build Garden Offices are made from panels that easily slot together and leave you with an office that is good to use and include three windows and a sturdy door with two 28mm uPVC double glazed, toughened glass panels ensuring your office receives a lot of natural light. The cabin is fully insulated with SIP panels, 50mm panels in the walls, 45mm panels on the roof and 70mm floor, ideal for keeping the chill out when working or inviting potential clients over.

Contemporary Office Dunster House

As we know your gardens are varied, we use pressure treated bearers to protect the bottom of your office. The treatment has been forced deep into the timber using a large tank, meaning that you won’t have to re-treat the timber for at least 10 years which is why we offer you a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation. We provide you with enough of these, and space them out enough that they also provide a great support for the floor boards to be secured to and prevent the boards from bending.


Customise your garden office

Contemporary Office Dunster HouseIf the exterior is not to your liking, we offer you the chance to customise your Garden Office with a range of coloured paint as well as the famous black and white Tudor style. Whether you choose our traditional Tudor style or the Inca and Chocolate style, we provide you with everything you need to create it. We do not paint the exterior timber before it gets to you. We don’t want it to be chipped in transit. But we do give you the paint and wood to recreate it yourself. Further to this, you can customise the windows and doors on your Contemporary Office as well as the shingles on the roof. This allows you to have complete control over the final appearance of your office.


The materials picked to create this office represent the ultimate in convenience. From the pressure treated floor bearers, to the panelised walls, this office requires very little maintenance. Screws, a screwdriver and a bit of DIY knowledge are all you need to start using your home work space. We do offer an installation service for this garden office. Thus, we will supply and fit the office for you if you do not feel comfortable doing so.


April 30, 2015

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