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With Valentine’s Day tomorrow our thoughts naturally turn to love and relationships. A discussion with my colleagues in the Dunster House HQ proved that men value highly their space in a relationship. This is not to say that they do not love spending time with their partners.  However, after a long day at work they value a space where they can watch sports, play on video games. Or simply relax with his friends and a drink. With that in mind Dunster House has launched the Man Cave.

Man Cave Dunster HouseIndisputably similar in size and design to that of the Rasa Pod Glamping Pod, the Man Cave offers you an unobtrusive space for your garden which can  easily be transformed into your own personally hideaway.

This fully insulated cave will be comfortable all year round thanks to the 50mm thick Polyurethane insulation. It’s perfectly fitted between the walls, which retain heat better than the cheaper alternatives such as Polystyrene or Rockwall.

These will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter meaning that there will never be any excuse not to disappear (not that you will ever want an excuse to not go!). To increase the longevity of this garden building even further, there are thick floor bearers. The treatment protects the foundations against rot and insect infestation while also providing extra support to the Man Cave and prevents moisture damaging the lower aspects of the building.

Man Cave Features

The glass panes used in the uPVC window and doors are 24mm thick. This toughened glass helps to make your garden building more secure Man Cave Dunster Housemeaning you can keep your flat screen TV, up to date games console and anything else in your Man Cave safe and secure. The security of your pod increases with the 9 point locking system. They’re made up of three roller cams, three hook bolts, two dead bolts and a latch. The 24mm sealed glazing helps improve heat and sound insulation and allows you to shout and scream at the TV to your heart’s content. Why not invite your friends round for drinks and enjoy a night of no restrictions.

When it comes to construction, we’ve made that even easier. The Garden Buildings are delivered in manageable sections making it simple to construct. If you don’t think that this would be within your skillset then you could always opt for our installation service. Our skilled and experienced installation teams will come over and build it for you. You’ll only have to do the decorating.

Get Your Own Man Cave!

If you would like a man cave of your own, and don’t feel that this size is adequate, then you could look at our range of Log Cabins, Shepherds Hut or Glamping Cocoons.  They are larger than the Man Cave but made from the same high quality timber and are just as secure. Ideal for those who need more space for their ‘toys’.

February 13, 2015

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