Man Cave Cinema

Man Cave Cinema Room Dunster House

Man Cave Cinema Room Dunster House

Family movie night is something to cherish and look forward to. Even if you are in a small family or a large family set-up, nothing beats huddling up to watch your favourite movie. But what happens when we don’t all agree? Queue the squabbles and arguments over what to watch. However, we have the perfect solution to put an end to it all.

A garden cinema as a perfect escape

Our Man Cave Cinema is the perfect escape for adults or children. You can watch whatever you like, whenever you like and however loud you like without disturbing anyone inside the house. It is the perfect escape for any occasion. You can send the children off to watch their favourite movie when dinner is finished or wait till they are all tucked up in bed to enjoy a movie all by yourself without any disruptions.

Man Cave Cinema Room Dunster House

Whether you’re into action, animation or horror the sheer array of genres gives all movie buffs an opportunity to experience something new. Planning and preparation is key to ensure you have a successful movie night. All you have to do is prepare your snacks, probably a tub of popcorn and plenty of sweets; set up the TV and DVD player; play the film, sit back, relax and you’re ready to go.

Spacious room with insulated walls

The 3.7m x 4.8m large, open-concept room features a sunken screening area with six seats and spotlights to enhance the cinematic experience. Nothing can get you more prepared for a night of binging in front of the TV than our Man Cave Cinema. The beauty is being able to watch whatever you want, whenever you want. The cinema is fully insulated so it can be used all year round. The 25mm polyurethane insulation in the walls, roof and floor ensures you are kept warm and snug as your relax and enjoy your favourite movie.

Man Cave Cinema Room Dunster House

Pressure treated and long lasting

Better yet, the Man Cave Cinema is virtually maintenance free. Being out in the open and exposed to the unpredictable British weather means the lower section of the building needs to be protected which is why our floor bearers are pressure treated. We pressure treat the floor bearers to ensure that it is free from rot and insect infestation for up to 10 years.

Being maintenance free allows you to start designing your perfect cinema as soon as you receive it. The walls are made from a resin based wood material and are delivered to you plain. So you can choose how you would like to design it – maybe you’ll decide to paint it with one of our four treatment colours (Inca, Soft White, Soft Clay or Dark Clay).

Design is up to you imagination

Designing your Man Cave Cinema is all down to you. We provide you with the platform to dress and decorate the interior however you wish. You can have your own personal wallpaper, position your seats and speakers to create your own unique cinematic experience. We also supply an entertainment unit that helps to store a DVD player, speakers and hides dangerous wires, minimising accidents and having everything in one place makes it all the more convenient.

We all love movies. The only thing holding us back may be others in your household conspiring against you and watching something that may not be to your taste, now the tables can be turned with your very own Man Cave Cinema. Order one of these today and give yourself years of movies, memories and plenty of popcorn! Visit, or call 01234 272 445, to find out more.

June 11, 2016

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