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ManCave Noir Dunster House

I have always been a follower of ITV’s Love Your Garden but, I will be honest, I never watched it for the stories behind it but more for gardening ideas. When I started working at Dunster House last year I walked straight into the middle of a campaign surrounding our appearance on Love Your Garden. Part of the research assignment was to find out the back story behind the recipients of the makeover and from then I was hooked.

Love Your Garden

Last nights episode of Love Your Garden featured Alan Rendell. Alan Rendell had lived next door with Roy and Dorothy for over 30 years after moving in when they saw Roy’s motorcycle themed weather vane. On July 27th last year Alan saw a puff of black smoke blow across the window and went out to investigate. Roy’s house was on fire and it was intense. With no regard for his own life, Alan forced his way into the conservatory and pulled Roy to safety before he returned to the house for Dorothy. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, Alan couldn’t save Dorothy and she perished in the fire. The seven firefighters who attended the seen confirmed that there was nothing he could have done but it didn’t stop it haunting Alan since.

The Love Your Garden team helped to transform his bare and desolate garden into a transport themed haven for him to spend his time. They contacted us for a little bit of help with the transformation, asking if they could have our ManCave Noir that they could transform into a sheltered space. We were happy to donate this to such a worthy gentleman and we couldn’t believe the transformation – just look at the garden.

ManCave Noir Dunster House


The whole garden was designed to reflect the smooth curves of a vintage car and it looked fantastic – just look at the chrome garden decorations that draw your eye to them and break up the bulky rectangular layout of the garden. Our ManCave Noir looks fantastic next to the auto themed double garage. The stylish and innovative man cave brings not only beauty to the Rendall’s garden, but a cosy, yet spacious area for them to get away from everything in. It has a handy window at the back which lets in natural light.

Some More Photos

ManCave Noir Dunster HouseManCave Noir Dunster HouseManCave Noir Dunster House
ManCave Noir Dunster House

July 15, 2015

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