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Mobility Picnic Table Dunster House

Thanks to our years of knowledge in both the design and construction of Garden Buildings and Structures, we can quickly identify any problems that gardeners may face.  A common complaint regarding gardening is the affect it has on your body. The morning after a day of gardening is the same as a workout at the gym. Muscles that you never knew existed ache and you spend the rest of your weekend recovering. Often those with back ache or mobility problems are reluctant to put themselves through it regularly, no matter how much they would like to.
Within our catalogue of products, we sell mobility friendly products.

Truggy Wug

These are designed for people in wheelchairs, whom have back problems or any Mobility Picnic Table Dunster Houseother mobility problems that may make gardening difficult. The TruggyWug, which is 2’7” in height, creates an environment where you don’t have to bend down in order to maintain your garden. Made with pressure treated timber, the TruggyWug MKII is made with heavy duty timber to create a sturdy structure. It is also easily moveable for when you redesign your garden.  Our TruggyWug’s not only makes your gardening life easier but is designed to make an attractive addition to your garden. Whether you are using it for fruit, vegetables or simply flowers, this is perfect for you!

Bower CanopyMobility Picnic Table Dunster House

For those of you that would like more a more
permanent garden structure, we have designed the Victoria Bower Canopy.  The two potting tables can be used simultaneously to grow. It’s your choice whether you use pots or plant directly into the potting table. They can also be used individually (one to grow in soil, one for seedlings that require a little more TLC). The polycarbonate roofing allows you to garden come rain or shine without getting wet.  If you opt to purchase one of our water butts, you can collect the rainwater as it falls and ensure that you have a permanent water supply without the huge water bills.

Livija Garden Bench

The Livija Garden Bench is a must have garden accessory for any green fingered enthusiast. Designed to ensure that it is comfortable when used for a prolonged period of time, this is a work bench that offers both

Mobility Picnic Table Dunster Housestorage and a display area for your plants. You can ensure that they get enough sunlight. The work bench is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to the removable section on the right hand side. By lifting it, you will reveal a mesh area which helps make gardening a little less messy. And the cleaning process a lot easier.


Mobility Friendly Picnic Table

Saving the best until last, we have taken a classic bench and given it a unique twist.  Our heavy duty picnic table is available as standard or with Mobility Picnic Table Dunster Housespace for one or two wheelchairs, mobility scooters or children’s pushchairs.  We have designed the table to be higher than normal to ensure that it is comfortable for anyone who is sat underneath it. While we can’t prevent the occasional clumsy spell where someone bangs their knee or scratches there leg, we have made it a little more difficult to do.


Get your mobility friendly accessories today.

We approach our designs with the same ferocity and passion as we do our business. We see obstacles and find ways to resolve them. Order now and get your garden ready for spring! If you have any questions, feel free to call our sales team on 01234 272 445 or visit

March 5, 2015

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