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Shed "Birgi" Dunster House

Gardens are at the forefront of everybody’s mind the moment the sun decides to come out from behind the clouds. In order to create, maintain and improve your garden throughout the year requires a lot of sharp tools, dangerous chemicals and heavy equipment that can be both expensive and hazardous. Your shed needs to not only give you plenty of storage, be resilient enough to stand the test of time but also needs to add to your garden rather than take away from it like the unsightly rickety sheds that look like they are well overdue a replacement.

Our range of PremiumPlus Birgi sheds bring beauty, strength and longevity to your garden in one neat package that’s easy to construct and built to last. Below, I explain more about the fantastic features our Birgi Shed range has to offer. To find out more information regarding the features an individual product has, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

Features of the Birgi Shed range

Shed "Birgi" Dunster House

Double Doors

Our Birgi Sheds feature double doors. They are not only wide (1.200m (3′ 11”) x 1.995m (6′ 6″)) but are also exceptionally tall (approx 6’ 6”). This feature makes moving your gardening equipment in and out of the shed much easier. When it comes to storing long handled garden tools such as hoes, forks and shears, it is less awkward getting them in and out of the doors. This is particularly useful when you are carrying a lot of garden tools and don’t want to spend your time fiddling to get through the door.

These ledged and braced doors are secured to the shed framework using three gate style hinges. In addition, we provide a clasp and hasp padlock mount for you to secure the shed. All you need to do is add a padlock.

Pressure treated

The timber used for our Sheds are cut to size and planned. This method ensures our timber will fit together properly. It’s also giving you a more secure Garden Building with no gaps like those you find in the rough sawn, wavy timber that other companies offer. The Birgi Sheds are delivered to you in preassembled panels consisting on 16mm Spruce timber which makes construction that much easier – you could do it in as little as a weekend (our installers did it in a day)!

The timber used for the panels is made from slow grown Spruce. This timber is superior to pine as it has less dead knots, less sap and a less permeable cell membrane wall which, in short, means your Shed is more repellent than other timbers so you don’t need to worry about leakages causing your tools to rust! To further increase the sheds longevity, the timber is pressure treated. This pressure treatment forces the non toxic treatment deep within the timber, protecting the timber against rot and fungal decay.  The pressure treatment means that you don’t need to spend your rare downtime treating the timber to maintain its high quality finish. Once it is built, it’s good to go – we even offer you a 10 year guarantee on all pressure treated elements.

Shed "Birgi" Dunster House

Doubled up frame.

As if you needed any more proof that our Birgi Sheds are greater than any others offered on the market, we also double its strength through our clever design. The 16mm timber panels are attached to a 35mm x 35mm framework. When combined, ensures your shed can withstand heavy winds without swaying or breaking. In addition to structural stability, the strong walls let you maximise the available interior space by hanging your heavier tools against the wall. Therefore saving room and keeping them out of reach from children. We shared some storage tips with you in a previous post entitled ‘Organise your shed for maximum storage’.

4mm Toughened Glass

What’s the use of having durable timber if your shed has windows that can easily be broken? We want your tools to be secure whilst they are stored. Thus is why our Birgi Shed features 4mm toughened glass which is stronger than the industry standard. This glass is internally beaded for additional security as it makes it tougher for the glass to be removed.

By opting for 4mm toughened glass, you can rest assured the glass can easily withstand a knock from a stray football or rock hitting it. If it does get broken, the glass will crumble into small pieces rather than large shards. Making it easier and safer to clean up. On an aesthetic level, we use glass rather than cheap plastic alternatives such as styrene, acrylic or Perspex. That way it’s easier to clean, scratches less and lets in plenty of natural light.

Our Director, Andy Murphy, put our 4mm toughened glass to the test in this video:


Roof timber

Our Birgi Shed is made with the same high quality material as the rest of the Shed. Therefore ensuring your equipment, materials and tools remain sheltered from the elements. So they are less likely to rust or clutter your garden. Our roofs, again delivered in panels, are made with 16mm timber. They are  supported by extra thick 70mm x 35mm roof tresses to prevent sagging over time. We offer 15mm clout nails for you to secure the shingles so they won’t blow away in the wind.

Our Director, Andy Murphy, explains more on our YouTube channel:

To find out more about the Birgi Shed, and our entire range of Sheds, visit ‘Sheds and Garages. For further information, or to order yours today, visit our website or call us on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, we can call you on – just fill in this simple ‘callback request form.

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