Lienne Garden Office update and relaunch

Lienne Garden Office Dunster House

Lienne Garden Office Duster House

As you may have heard our popular Lienne Garden Office range has been updated and relaunched. The newly launched Lienne MKII may look the same at first glance but do not be fooled!

The first noticeable difference to anyone who has been lusting after a Lienne Office for the past few weeks is the price. The Lienne MKII is noticeably less expensive than the Lienne MKI.

The method behind the price change is in the walls of the office, quite literally. The Lienne MKII now has walls that are 117mm thick, made up of 12mm Tongue and Groove Timber exterior, 70mm internal timber frame, 25mm Polyurethane Insulation and 10mm plasterboard. Using this plasterboard format has allowed us to lower the price of the Lienne MKII. It’s also made it easier to erect your Lienne than before!

We’ve also made the door for the Lienne MKII taller and wider, so it’s easier to move your furniture in and out of the office. The Lienne MKII also has larger windows, this includes the glass panels in the door, allowing for more natural light to enter your office. Who wouldn’t want that? It also allows anyone working from a Lienne Garden Office to have a better view of their surroundings and inspiration for work.

Lienne Garden Office Duster House

Interior of a Lienne MKII

Included in each Lienne MKII Office are double gang plug sockets and halogen spotlights, the amount depends entirely on the size of the office you purchase. One consumer unit is included to help provide power to, and act as a circuit breaker for, your Lienne MKII Office. Hooking your Lienne MKII up with Wifi is entirely down to you and your service provider!

There are so many fantastic features to the Lienne MKII Garden Office’s and with the fantastic alterations we have made to bring you the Lienne MKII we have come through on our promise to bring high quality products to our customers for less than competitors.


To discuss the Lienne MKII range or any other products please call a member of our Sales Team on
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November 18, 2013

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