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From all the emails, pictures and comments left on our social media pages, we know that you are a creative bunch of people and we want to help inspire you.  With this in mind, we have 8 new colours of treatments to ensure your Garden Building is in a style that suits you!

The treatment is low in odour and with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). The unique formulation is a water-based micro-porous acrylic and alkyd hybrid that incorporates a polyurethane dispersion based on linseed oil – a natural renewable resource. The treatment is also resistant to mould and fungal protection to ensure the colour does not fade.

Here’s the list of our new colour treatments

* Our PremiumPlus Mendip Mist is a misty blue grey inspired by the rolling blankets of mist. The treatment provides a water-resistant finish that is perfect for your garden building.

* The PremiumPlus Heritage Blue is a beautifully soft and indulgent shade of blue.

* Our PremiumPlus Dove Grey is a darker grey shade with a warm soft hue that looks striking when painted with other colours or on its own.

* The PremiumPlus Sage Leaf is a muted soft sage green that is made to suit all environments.

* Our PremiumPlus Silver Grey Blue is a beautiful light grey colour with a silver due.

* The PremiumPlus Cornish Cream is a soft, milky, creamy colour that is both rich and subtle.

* Our PremiumPlus China Clay is a delicate off-white shade that contains blue and grey tones.

* Our PremiumPlus Egg Shell Blue is a pretty blue. Like the soft blue found on fragile bird eggs in the woodlands and hedgerows.

Regardless of which colour you choose, you need to ensure you treat your Garden Building annually. This helps to prolong you Garden Buildings life.

 Which one will you choose to finish of your Garden Building?

December 21, 2014

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