New Product: W4.0m x D4.0m Glamping Cocoon!

Glamping Cocoon Dunster House

Technically this is not a new product, per say. We have sold Glamping Cocoons that were W3.0m x D3.0m but we’ve gone one size larger and released our new W4.0m x D4.0m Glamping Cocoons. These spacious Cocoons give you all the benefits of camping; relaxation, fresh air, holiday from technology, quality time with family and friends, all without the backache, freezing conditions or discomfort. It truly puts the glamour back into camping (hence the name Glamping Cocoon).

Glamping Cocoon

The Glamping Cocoons truly are versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways, primary and commercial. Install one in the back garden to create your own retreat. A space where you can escape the stresses of the house and truly maximise your spare time. Perhaps you’ll transform it into a unique office space that lets you run your own business from home. You can say goodbye to commuting costs, rental fees or utility costs that come with renting your own office space.

Commercially you can create campsites, bed and breakfasts, accommodation, fishing shelters and public houses. The only limitation to what it can become is your imagination and space. With Glamping sites on the rise, now is as good a time as ever to start your own business. We did the math and, if you charged £45 per night (based on the range of letting prices being £35 to £75 a night), you would expect at least £6,750 (based on a 40% occupancy rate) per year. If you are lucky enough to get 60% occupancy then you could make £33,000 in just 5 years. It’s an investment not to be missed.

Glamping Cocoon Dunster House


Now for technicalities; we use 100% slow grown spruce timber throughout our Cocoons as, frankly, it’s a better product than pine. Its denser and tougher making it less likely to shrink, warp or split when exposed to the varied, harsh weather conditions that we’re so accustomed too. The chic, clean Spruce is less resinous than other timbers. That means it’s  less likely to ruin your clothes, possessions or furnishing with excess sap. The tongue and groove timber creates a watertight, cosy environment for you to return to following a long hike or cycling trip.

The ingenious design of the Camping Cocoon emulates a tent in shape only. You no longer have to sit inside a flimsy tent that is not only noisy but is freezing cold too, leaving your muscles aching all over. The floor and roof of the Cocoon are insulated with Polyurethane. This means it retains heat a lot better than cheaper alternatives such as polystyrene or rockwall. This insulation makes sure that you will remain warm, cosy and dry, no matter the weather outside – a vital addition to any outbuilding that is going to be consistently exposed to harsh weather conditions.


When not in the Glamping Cocoon, as I know camping trips are often full of hikes, explorations and cycling trips, you want to make sure your possessions are safe. That’s why our doors feature an industry leading four point locking system; hook, locking latch and two roller locks. We use a type of lock known as a RASP cylinder as it is a safer, more secure locking system that prevents ‘lock bumping’ and ‘cylinder snapping’ – this is the same with the windows so you can be sure your stuff will be safe from unwanted visitors.

Inside of the Glamping Cocoon, there is plenty of space to feel with all you need. If you’re using the Cocoon commercially then you can install beds, sofas and washing facilities. We know, we’ve seen it be done. If used in a personal capacity, you can fill this with anything you like. You could even turn it into a cinema room if you chose to!

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To learn more about our Glamping Cocoons or add one to your garden, visit our website or call on 01234 272 445.

April 16, 2016

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