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Furniture Log Cabins Dunster House

Adding a Log Cabin or Summerhouse to your garden is very exciting while you plan colour schemes, pictures, decorations and, most importantly, furniture. You want to make sure that all the furniture not only matches each other but also your cabin, something that can be both difficult and expensive.  We want to make sure that we reduce your stress as much as we can, which is part of the reason we make installing our cabins as easy as possible, which is why we’ve brought out a range of furniture which adds style, charm and comfort to your Log Cabin.

Furniture Log Cabins Dunster House
Cabin corner bar
We already offer an Outdoor bar to help turn your garden into an alfresco dining area, ideal for a drink with friends while the BBQ fire roars, and a Log bar (both high top and low top) to entertain friends with your cocktail mixing during garden parties. We have gone one step further with our Cabin Corner Bar! Taking pride of place in the corner of your Log Cabin, the Corner Bar lets you experience what it’s like to be the owner of your own pub without the pricey rental fees and, the best part?, it’s always fully stocked with your favourite drinks.

The bar itself stands at an impressive 1099mm high, approx 3’ 6”, meaning everything is within easy reach and you don’t need to bend down or over stretch while hosting. Sitting flush against the bar sits a decorative top which makes your Cabin Corner Bar stand out for all the right reasons. The thick timber is great to hang signs, lights and any additional decor that helps your Cabin Corner Bar make a statement to everyone who sees it.
Furniture Log Cabins Dunster House

Your Log Cabin, or Summerhouse, should be a place where you can indulge in everything you find relaxing whether it’s watching your favourite movies, losing yourself in a good book, paint a picture or listening to music. While these crafts are always fun they can take up a lot of space in your home, especially if you don’t have sufficient storage. Our timber Bookshelf is constructed with both style and practicality in mind which is why it has four large shelving areas, with the last shelf being larger than the other three, allowing you to store your books, DVDs and paints along with larger items like files, pictures and statement decorations.

Furniture Log Cabins Dunster House


Set of cabin furniture
Another problem with buying furniture from outside companies is the inconvenience it causes. You have to measure the interior of your cabin, measure the door frame to ensure the furniture will get through and, once its delivered, you need to figure out it will all fit together. If you’re turning it into a space where you, your friends and family can enjoy a drink and some nibbles then you need a seated area. In just one click you can have an expertly crafted table, stool, bench and storage shelves that will sit snuggly in the corner of your cabin.

Whether you add pieces independently, or decide to purchase all of them together, our stylish timber furniture will transform your Log Cabin into a space that’s ideal for relaxing with your friends, enjoying some quiet time or throwing the greatest garden party of the season.


December 2, 2015

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