Mediterranean garden dining ideas- The Paella Dish

Paella Dish Stove Dunster House

Paella Dish Stove Dunster House

To further increase the unique cooking experience the Murphy Stove offers, you can now add a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden dinner party with our new Paella Dish.

The steel Paella cooking plate will allow you to create this traditional Valencian dish. Or, use it for a variety of meals that you would normally use a frying pan for. In addition, you could offer your friends and family a Chinese stir fry, an English fry up or American pancakes. Thus, there is an endless list of opportunities to explore cooking outdoors.Paella Dish Stove Dunster House

Whilst working in conjunction with the Murphy Stove, the Paella dish acts as a lid for the Pizza Oven. Another optional extra available. The dish can be used to keep food warm whilst cooking two delicious pizzas underneath. The other covering lid for the Pizza Oven is the 20 litre stainless steel Cooking Pot, which comes with the basic Murphy Stove.

The Murphy Stove is the perfect for entertaining family and friends in your garden. You can offer an exciting array of dishes. All of which they would not normally receive from a domestic barbecue. It will encourage outdoor living and garden dining whilst adding an attractive lifestyle product to your home and garden.

All of our products are designed and manufactured by us. They aim to give you a versatile and easy- to-use affordable cooking experience. To see our range of outdoor cooking stoves, and the optional extras that come with them, visit our website (direct link to BBQ’s here)

February 2, 2012

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