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Carport Dunster House

Carport Dunster HouseI live in a flat and I hate it. It’s not the flat itself but, due to a flawed building design, my car park is located in the opposite building. Which means that I have to walk a short distance from the car and the flat. On an ideal day the sun is shining and I have nothing to carry from the car so the walk isn’t a problem. However, as I live in Britain, this is often not the case. Instead, I normally have my hands full carrying gym bags, bottles, shopping and my handbag battling against wind, rain or cold (every movement hurts when you’re cold) in an ongoing battle to get into my flat. I could always park on the street but, like many of you, I want to keep my car safe from being clipped by passing cars or stray footballs etc.

Our Carports

From the messages I get from you on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, you have space next to the house but not enough to add one of our Garages leaving your car exposed to the elements. Our brand new Lean to Carports, the Zeus and Brontes, is a space saving solution that provides shelter as rain and snow run down the sloped roof and protect the car from being damaged. Attached to the house, the 3.0m (9 foot, 8 inches) high and 2.6m (8 foot 5 inches) wide, the Lean to Carports will easily fit most car models. You can then opt for the 5.0m (16 foot 4 inches) or 8.0m (26 foot 2 inches) depending on your personal needs and preference.

Pressure Treated Timber

We know that time is off the essence and you don’t have time to annually apply treatment to preserve the high quality finish of your Carport which is why we pressure treat all the timber used. By forcing the treatment deep within the timber, you don’t need to annually apply treatment to protect the structure from rot and fungal decay. We are so sure of this protection that we offer a 10 year guarantee on all pressure treated timber.

Wall Thickness

Whether you use your Carport as a protective shelter for your car or as a cover for your patio protecting your garden furniture and letting you use it all year round without worrying about the weather. We took this into consideration when designing our Carport which is why, along with being pressure treated; we have used thick timber throughout to create a long lasting structure. The 145mm x 145mm thick timber posts support the strong 145mm x 45mm roof to ensure your Carport won’t blow around when the wind picks up.  To further protect your Carport from the elements, we offer four different types of roofing protection: felt, super felt, shingles and hexagonal shingles so you can choose one dependant on your preference and budget.Carport Dunster House

To order one of our Carports today, visit our website or call 01234 272 445 to talk to our friendly sales team.

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