New Product: Pressure Treated Garages

Pressure Treated Garages Dunster House

We are always looking to bring out new, exciting range. We know that you love our range of Garages so have decided to go one step further and Pressure Treat two of our larger Garages:

The Deore Double W5.9m x D5.5m  and   The Trent Lo-Roof W3.0m x D5.5m.

These are two of our larger Garages. The Deore Double Garage has 45mm walls as standard. Whereas the Trent Lo-Roof gives you the option to choose between 45mm or 28mm wall thickness.  The timber itself has deep tongue and groove timber which slots together like a jigsaw puzzle. These create an airtight, secure environment. Perfect for storing your car, workshop, equipment or tools that you want to store in your Garage.

Pressure Treated Garages

There is no difference in quality with the untreated Deore Double or the Trent Lo-Roof . The only difference, which is quite substantial on its own merit, is that the Garages are Pressure Treated.  The Pressure Treatment forces the chemical deep into the timber via machine. This results in a timber that is much better protected than those pieces of timber that are dip treated. Throughout this process, we add an additive to give the timber a natural oak like finish. It will suit your garden much better than the unnatural colour that dip treatment can give timber.

The Pressure Treatment process means you will not have to annually reapply treatment for at least 10 years. The Treatment protects your Garage against rot and fungal decay. A necessity for a building exposed to the extremes of British Weather.

If you are like me, your Garage will be a full of boxes and tools, all positioned in a carefully calculated way that allows you to know where everything is at any one time. It is inevitable that the item you need will be stored against the back wall. To prevent the frustration and struggle of having to enter through the double doors at the front and battle your way through the boxes to the back, there is a single entrance door on the far side of the Garage making entering and exiting the Garage simple.

The attractive alternative to concrete garages provide plenty to space for you to store you favourite tools alongside your car, preventing them from becoming susceptible to damp and rot, increasing their longevity. By storing them in your garage, and not inside your house, means you don’t have to drag the dirty, used tools through your house.

September 26, 2015

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