New Product: Pressure Treated Log Cabins

Pressure Treated Log Cabins "Severn" Dunster House

You will see, and hear; us mention our pressure treated timber frequently. This is because we believe that this is the best type of treatment for your timber. Many of our products are pressure treated but we have left our Log Cabins untouched…until now. Introducing our Pressure Treated Premium and PremiumPlus Log Cabin range designed to stand proud in your garden for many years to come.

This sounds like a strange title, trust me, I know but it is an important consideration when thinking of buying a Log Cabin. Our Premium range gives you 3 options: 19mm, 28mm and 45mm and our PremiumPlus range gives you 4 options: 28mm, 45mm, 130mm and 145mm. The 130mm thickness option is something very special. It consists of two 28mm walls with a 70mm air gap between which you can choose to fill with our polyurethane insulation. Our 145mm thick wall works in a very similar way, with one 45mm wall and one 28mm wall with a 70mm air gap for insulation. This insulation is used by NASA to insulate their fuel tanks so you can be certain that it’s a fantastic insulator.

Our Pressure Treated range comes with the same fantastic features as our partly treated models. Featuring 4mm thick toughened glass for increased safety and security. It is much better than 3mm horticultural glass or Perspex commonly found in our competitors garden buildings. Safety and security are paramount in ensuring your valuables are kept safe which is why our Premium doors feature a 2 point locking system and our PremiumPlus models feature a 4 point locking system. The reason for using this is that it is a safe, more secure locking system as it prevents ‘lock bumping’ and ‘cylinder snapping’. Our Premium models have a latch and deadbolt locking system in the windows and our PremiumPlus windows feature a multipoint locking system, using the same type of system as we supply with our uPVC windows and doors.

Our Premium and PremiumPlus models are all pressure treated to ensure the whole structure is protected from the elements. Excluding our 130mm and 145mm models that are only part treated with the roof, floor and inner walls left untreated.

The Pressure Treatment forces the chemical deep into the timber via machine, resulting in a timber that is much better protected then those pieces of timber that are dip treated. Throughout this process, we add an additive to give the timber a natural oak like finish which will suit your garden much better than the unnatural colour that dip treatment normally would be.

The Pressure Treatment process means you will not have to annually reapply treatment for at least 10 years as the treatment protects your Log Cabin against rot and fungal decay, a necessity for a building exposed to the extremes of British Weather.

To order one of our Pressure Treated Log Cabins today, visit our website or call 01234 272 445 to talk to our friendly sales team.

April 22, 2016

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