New Range: Artemis Gazebo, Carport and Garage

Artemis Gazebo Dunster House

Named after the Greek Goddess known for her physical strength; our range of Artemis Gazebos, Carports and Garages are as substantial as they look allowing them to stand against even the harshest of elements.

Artemis Carport

Artemis Carport Dunster House

You may be looking at these and thinking that they look similar to our existing ranges, I know as I did, and you would be right. They are made from the same high quality materials as our pre existing range. Pressure treated timber that’s protected from rot and fungal decay. Thick supportive timber that make a sturdy structure that doesn’t bend in the wind. A Garden Structure that will not only compliment your garden but will expand the available space in your property. However, there is one major difference between our existing range and the brand new Artemis Range is the size. The Artemis range is bigger!

By releasing a range that is made from the same high quality timber as our existing products, we can be sure that you’ll find a structure large enough for you. Maybe you are looking for a Gazebo that is large enough to cover your garden furniture and ensure your guests are sheltered against the elements while they are celebrating, maybe you want a Carport (double or single) so you can safely store your car away from the busy road and anything that could cause damage or maybe you are looking for an enclosed shed that can not only store your vehicle but leave enough room to store your tools and equipment too. Our Artemis range is large enough, and sturdy enough, to become anything you want it to be.


Artemis Garage Dunster House

As with the majority of our Garden Structures, we like to give you customiseable options. So you can create a structure that matches your needs. The primary customisation option that is relevant to all three structures (Carport, Garage and Gazebo) is your roofing options. You can choose either a wooden roof which can be further weatherproofed with felt, superfelt and shingles n a choice of colours (Red, Green and Black). or a thatched roof to finish of your structure. By using genuine African Cape Reed Thatch, we can be sure that your structure has an authentic exotic look. Both of these roofing styles are easy to install and gives your structure a luxurious finish. It’s all down to your personal preference and budget.

Thatched Gazebos

Artemis Gazebo Dunster House

You can order from our Artemis Range simply by visiting our website or, if you’d prefer, call our knowledgeable sales team on 01234 272 445. As always, feel free to ask questions in the comments section below.

March 9, 2016

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