New Range: Composting Toilet MKII

Composting Toilet MKII

We’ve added a new addition to our Composting Toilet range, the Composting Toilet MKII! This toilet does not use any water so is an ideal solution for private holiday homes, gardens, farms and many more that can all benefit from a waterless toilet (Please note: water is still needed in a container for use with the sink).

Made from Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) for a virtually maintenance free finish, the toilet is resistant to extreme temperatures, either high above or below zero, and UV exposure increasing the buildings longevity and endurance. As with our Log Cabins, Garden Offices and Summerhouses, the Composting Toilet MKII is delivered to you in a flat pack. Don’t worry though, assembly is relatively easy with the instructions we provide. Once built, you don’t have to worry about treating it as WPC is highly resistant to rot and decay.

Composting Toilet MKII


On top of the slanted roof sits a solar panel. This panel powers a 12V battery pack (not supplied) which is kept in a ventilated battery box on the side of the structure. By ventilating the compartment, it prevents the buildup of hydrogen and oxygen. If these gases are allowed to build up, there is a possibility of an explosion around sparks so this ventilation is vital. By running off of a solar panel, the Composting Toilet MKII can run independently of an electrical source while still providing all the functions that a normal toilet has. This electricity powers an electric water pumpwhich feeds water through to the sink so you can wash your hands. The water then drains via the urinal to help keep it clean whilst using minimal water.

Composting Toilet MKII

As we know it is easy to keep track of time, especially when you are busy maintaining a garden, the Composting Toilet MKII features an internal light which makes the toilet more comfortable to use even late into the night. This light is triggered by an internal infrared light switch which automatically switches on when motion is detected. In addition to the urinal, sink and light, the solar panel also powers a multicharging point which is ideal for keeping your phone charged. You can even store it on a shelf whilst it is charging so you know it’s safe.

Inside the toilet, ventilation is key! The toilet features fixed plastic air vents which help direct the flow of air and keep the toilet free of unpleasant odours. On top of this the Composting Toilet MKII features a solar powered fan assisted ventilation pipe.  This fan actively draws the odour out of the structure rather than waiting for it to rise, a process called positive ventilation. The fan will also continue running for approximately 15 minutes after you’ve left the structure, in similar fashion to a domestic extraction fan.

Composting Toilet MKII

The unique design of the toilet itself helps reduce unpleasant odours at the source. A circular mechanism on top of the toilet allows the release of peat (supplied) from the upper tank which absorbs any moisture inside the 44 litre collection tank. As peat is a natural antiseptic, and is super absorbent, it provides and sanitary coating for the waste which removes unpleasant odour and helps start the composting toilet. When the tank is full, you can simply remove the top half to get access to the tank beneath it. The tank can be lifted out, easily transported and moved to the composter. It will need to be stored here for some time but, to make emptying the storage tank easier, the inner tank features an automatic valve. This valve automatically closes the drain hole as the storage tank is lifted. This valve features a comb to help keep the solids within the tank and remove any excess moisture there may be left over.


To find out more about our Composting Toilet MKII, or our entire Composting Toilet range, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445. Alternatively, if you would prefer we call you, fill in our Contact us page and we will get back to you. As always, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below.


October 6, 2016

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