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Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

As a Company, we are constantly evolving to offer you new and exciting products that will help you maximise your garden space and to make the most of your time either at work or home. We sell ‘traditional’ garden buildings such as Log Cabins, Garden Offices and Summerhouses along with more ‘lifestyle’ based buildings such as Gazebos, Climbing Frames and Greenhouses. We do this because we know you all have different tastes, garden sizes and preferences and we want to make sure we have something for everyone. We have added 6 new products to our range of Thatched Gazebos. These combine the sturdy square posts of our Atlas Gazebo (incase you preferred these to the circular posts) with the exotic feel of our African Thatched Gazebos to create an idyllic Gazebo that will make you feel like you’re taking a holiday everytime you step outside the back door.


All good buildings start with strong foundations

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

All of the timber used in our Thatched Gazebos, whether you choose the standard, decked or fully loaded option is fully Pressure Treated against rot and fungal decay meaning you don’t need to retreat it for at least ten years. Simply build it and then your Gazebo is good to go for years to come.

Another feature that makes your garden low maintenance is the hot dipped galvanised roof frame. By using hot dipped galvanised steel we can be sure the steel is bonded strongly with zinc (normally 10 times more) than with zinc plating which is common on the market. The hot dip galvanizing process results in a thicker layer of zinc which prevents the steel beneath becoming susceptible to corrosion. We are so confident of this that we offer you a 10 year guarantee against structural failure caused by rust.

Be authentic!

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

We only use genuine African Cape Reed Thatch on our Thatched Gazebos and our new range is no exception. There are Companies that offer synthetic thatch on their Gazebos which cheapens the overall look. Our thatch is supplied to you in panels and is fixed to the galvanised roof via clips for ease of installation.  The Gazebo is finished off with a top cone, perfectly blending with the mix of heavy duty and standard tiles mixed within the panels.

Originality is best

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

We know you all want varying things from your Gazebo. Whether a place to sit and think, a cover for your garden furniture or a place to host garden parties for friends and family our customiseable Thatched Gazebos allow you to ensure you have everything you need. We give you the option to dress up your Thatched Gazebo by adding ‘extras’ such as decked flooring, decorative balustrades, a table, benches, cushions for increased comfort, a waterproof canopy for the inside of the roof and curtains for privacy. Whether you want to go the full hog (opt for the fully loaded option) or keep it minimalist (standard) – it’s all down to your personal preference.

Somewhere to rest your feet

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

You may choose to have your Thatched Gazebo on your lawn or on a concrete base you have constructed but both of these are very cold beneath your feet. We give you the chance to add thick 28mm grooved decking to our standard design coming with huge 140mm x 45mm joists which completely covers from post to post. To stop unsightly weeds and grass growing through the small gaps, we even give you a weed proof membrane to be placed underneath the Gazebo.

Beauty and brawn

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

Its great for your Gazebo to be visually stunning and draw the attention of everyone that sees it but, if the structure is not solid, it will be useless come colder months. That’s why our attractive uprights are 145mm – 60% thicker than many of the competitors on the market today. You don’t have to worry about it blowing away in high winds.

We know your garden is important to you and that you’ve worked hard to create a place you can be proud of which is why we put the same attention to detail into our Gazebos as you do to your garden. Visit our website, call our sales team (or use the contact us page for them to call you) to order your cabin while our Big Summer Giveaway is on to receive great offers.

August 20, 2015

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