New Range: Thatched Gazebos, Carports and Garages

Thatched Gazebos, Carports and Garages Dunster House

We know that your gardens are different; they come in different shapes, sizes and designs. We also know that your personal preferences and tastes can vary greatly. Thus we like to provide a variety of high quality Garden Buildings. That way you’ll be sure to find one that suits you.

Our new range of Thatched Gazebos, Carports and Garages give you exactly this – options. These stunning Garden Structures are made with the same pressure treated timber slow grown spruce as our existing Garden Buildings. However, instead of a felt, superfelt or shingle finish, the entirety of this range are finished off with African Cape Reed Thatch. By using African Cape Reed Thatch, rather synthetic thatch, your building will look like a genuine thatched roof look. Minus the expense or effort normally associated with traditional thatch installation.

Pressure Treated Carport

Thatched Gazebos, Carports and Garages Dunster House

This long-lasting, durable style of thatched roofing makes installation a breeze. We provide the thatch to you in panels, a mixture of heavy duty panels and standard tiles before giving you a top cone to finish your structure off. You could do it in as little as a weekend as they are easily attached to the roof frame through the use of securing clips. These are provided with your structure, no rushing to the hardware store to find the right ones!

Thatched Gazebos

Along with giving your structure a picturesque finish, African Cape Reed Thatch is known for its insulating properties. It keeps the temperatures cool in the summer months while retaining as much heat as possible in the winter. This is especially fantastic if you opt for our Gazebos as it means the night time chill has a reduced chance of stopping your catch up with friends. Whereas, during the heat waves we’ve experienced the last few summers, the thatch helps maximise your protection from harmful UV rays. It really does cater for all climates.

Thatched Gazebos, Carports and Garages Dunster House

Whether you are looking for a Gazebo to protect your patio furniture, a Carport or Garage to securely store your vehicle, the addition of African Thatch turns an ordinary structure into something extraordinary. It will easily grab the attention of passersby, visitors and anyone who is lucky enough to see it.

To order one of our stunning Thatched products, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

March 15, 2016

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