New Utopia™ 200 Gazebo range!

Our new range of Utopia Gazebos add a touch of elegance to your garden whilst preserving its natural look. Gazebos offer you comfort and privacy in your own garden, making an ideal place to relax with family and friends. Enjoy relaxing in the shade as you look out and admire the beauty of your garden, or take some time out with a refreshing drink and a good book.

Utopia™ 200 Open

Is your garden looking a bit sparse? Then why not treat it to a little luxury with our fantastic Utopia Gazebo! Pop in your finest table and chairs, invite the family round and break out the refreshments. This Gazebo is a stylish and practical addition to any garden.
Utopia 200 Gazebo Dunster House

Utopia™ 200 Double Half Panels

This stylish Gazebo creates the perfect area of shelter in your garden and provides a place to relax under after a hard day’s work. The two half panels provide that little extra privacy without being completely enclosed and still allows you to enjoy the view of your garden.

Utopia 200 Gazebo Dunster House

Utopia™ 200 Triple Half Panels

They say things usually come in threes and they certainly do with the fabulous Utopia 300 Gazebo with three half panels that give you a sense of being enclosed without blocking the view of your garden. Made using pressure treated timber this Gazebo is good to go, no additional treating and no fuss!

Utopia 200 Gazebo Dunster House

Utopia™ 200 Double Full Panels

This Utopia 200 Gazebo comes with two full height panels providing you with shelter from the elements whether it’s harsh sunny rays (unlikely in this country!) or harsh wind and rain (more like it!) and also adds an element of privacy from nosey neighbours! It still has two open sides though meaning you still feel outdoors and can enjoy the view of your garden whilst sipping on your favourite tipple.

Utopia 200 Gazebo Dunster House

Utopia™ 200 Glass/Full panels

Do you enjoy spending time in your garden but sometimes wish you had a bit of shelter from the elements? Then we have the perfect product for you in the shape of the Utopia 200 Gazebo. This wonderful Gazebo boasts fully pressure treated timbers, one solid wooden panel and one half glass panel providing you with a certain amount of shelter and privacy without completely blocking out your lovely garden!

Utopia 200 Gazebo Dunster House

 Utopia™ 200 Triple Full Panels

They say twos a couple, threes a crowd, not in this case! With three full height panels this fully pressure treated Gazebo is a cosy garden retreat that sure to make any garden look the part! Put in your favourite garden chairs, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy!

Utopia 200 Gazebo Dunster House

Utopia™ 200 Double Glass/ Full Panels

Is your garden lacking a certain pizzazz? Need something to spice it up and bring it to life? Well look no further than the Utopia 200 Gazebo! With one solid panel and two half glass panels the Utopia provides you with glamorous protection from the elements yet still allows you to soak in the sights of your garden. So what are you waiting for, invite round your friends and family and fire up that BBQ!

Utopia 200 Gazebo Dunster House


July 5, 2012

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