New Utopia™ 300 Gazebo range!

Our new Utopia 300 Gazebo range! It’s like our 200 Utopia Gazebo range, but bigger!

Utopia™ 300 Open

If you already have decking or a patio area, but are looking to add some form of shelter, then the Utopia 300 Gazebo makes an attractive addition to any garden. It provides year round protection from the hot summer sun and shelter from any passing showers. Its bold square shape and sturdy timer frame provides ideal cover for your expensive outdoor furniture or even a Spa or Hot Tub, if you have one.
As it’s made from pressure treated timber – which gives it protection against rot and insect infestation – you won’t have all the fuss of painting it – so you really can just sit back and relax!

Utopia™ 300 Double Half Panels

This stylish, spacious Gazebo includes two half wood  panels which provide a little extra security and protection from the elements. However, they still leave you feeling that you are out enjoying the open air. So, if you want a little screening from the hot summer sun. A break from windy breezes and shelter from passing showers – this Gazebo provides no half measures. All the wood’s been pressure treated, so the pressure’s off when it comes to regular annual maintenance – you can just relax and enjoy the view.

Utopia™ 300 Triple Half Panels

Surround yourself on three sides with half height wooden shiplap panels. While you’ll be protected from the changeable moods of the British weather, you’ll still experience all the sights, sounds and scents of the seasons. And while you sit back and relax, think of those other Gazebo owners out sweating it out in the hot sun, re-treating their Gazebo. Because, unlike you, they didn’t buy one that was fully pressure treated against rot and insect infestation!


Utopia™ 300 Double Full Panels

There are no half measures with this Utopia Gazebo. The two full height wood panels provide additional privacy from prying neighbours. Reducing the risk of being overlooked as you soak up the summer. The panels can be positioned on any side you wish. So that you maximise protection from the elements – whether it’s sun or showers. Added bliss comes in the form of pressure treated timber, which protects the Gazebo from rot and insect infestation, and you from the tiring task of annual maintenance – top job, top Gazebo!

Utopia™ 300 Glass/Full Panels

If you want a little shade and protection from the sun, but don’t want to spoil the view, this Utopia Gazebo gives you the best of both worlds. With one full height panel made of sturdy Shiplap and a second made with a half glass panel, you can feel secure. In addition to soaking up the scenery. The glass is made from strong 4mm toughened glass.. Thus you’ll be protected from any passing showers, as well as any stray balls from next doors garden. On top of that, by pressure treating our timber, it means your Gazebo is also protected from rot – so you can just relax and enjoy your garden.

utopia 300 gazebo dunster house full panels

Utopia™ 300 Triple Full Panels

We call this the Utopia max. That’s maximum protection for those who really want to get away from it al. In the comfort of their own garden. Three full height Shiplap wood panels can be located to suit the layout of your garden. Both to soak up the sun and screen out any unwanted attention. Position the panels where you want to, so you decide what you see and what and who you don’t. Maximum relaxation is guaranteed by our use of only pressure treated timber – so there’s no need for you to stir from your sunny slumbers year after year, as this Gazebo is protected from rot and other unwelcome guests.

utopia 300 gazebo dunster house

Utopia™ 300 Double Glass / Full Panels

This isn’t just an outdoor ‘room with a view’.  With two half glass panels, you can sit safely in your stylish Gazebo and enjoy a panoramic view around your property.

So what if there’s the odd shower or the temperature hits record highs. You’re protected from the best and worst of the elements. Our pressure treated timber is also protected- from rot and insect infestation. And our 4mm toughened glass windows will make your summer calm impossible to shatter. So kick back, relax and enjoy yourself – you’ve got it all covered!

July 17, 2012

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