New Years Day!

New Years Dunster House

It’s New Years Day today. A day celebrated around the world in various ways, many of which include alcohol. What’s more interesting are the origins of New Years.

The first recorded reference of New Years is in 46 B.C.E. When Julius Caesar established January 1st as New Years day. Janus, who was the Roman god of doors and gates, had two faces. One who faced forward and another that looked back. Hence the month January (the door to the year) was named after him. The first New Year was a violent one but, as time went on, the celebration changed to drunken groups. It is believed that this was a personal re-enactment of the chaotic world that existed before the gods came to ensure order.

For a while New Years day was moved, and renamed, Annunciation Day. This was celebrated on March 25th and William the Conqueror decreed, after becoming the King of England on Christmas Day 1066, that English return to the date established by Caesar.  This was rejected and England carried on celebrating Annunciation Day. This continued for 500 years until Pope Gregory XIII who established that there was a slight inaccuracy in the Julian calendar and corrected the calendar by 10 days (October 4th 1582 became October 15th 1582), and England came to follow the Gregorian calendar. Once again New Year would begin with the date set by the early pagans – January 1st.

Wherever you are going out with your friends to celebrate in style, having a warm and comfortable night in with your loved ones in your Log Cabin or not celebrating at all – we hope you have a great New Year and that 2015 brings you everything you could want, including one of our Garden Buildings!

New Years Dunster House

January 1, 2015

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