New Years Eve on a budget 

New Years Eve Outdoor Bar

Christmas Day is receding into the distance. January is looming large on the horizon. Don’t despair; there’s one last festive night to enjoy! New Year’s Eve!

The problem with New Year’s Eve is that doing it ‘properly’ can be so expensive. If you fancy making an event of it and going to see the fireworks in London, watch out! London has been declared the most expensive city in which to spend New Year’s Eve. Last year became even more expensive, as London took the bold step of charging spectators £10 a ticket in order to watch the fireworks, and the minicab service Uber used “surge pricing” to triple their fares.

How much is typically spent on New Year’s Eve varies widely across the country? Given the information above it will come as no surprise to anyone that the Londoners surveyed spent the most at £81 per person. People from the East Midlands spent the least at £30. The biggest spending age group, regardless of geography, were people aged between 20 and 29 years old with an average spend of £62.

Once you’ve spent all that money, you still aren’t guaranteed a good time out. Everywhere is crowded, everyone is drunk, and you can’t hail a taxi or make a phonecall to save your life. If you’re out clubbing, the admission prices are enough to make you wince, and the dance floor is crammed and sticky. If you’ve decided to go to a pub to escape that hassle then no such luck, as some pubs charge for entrance on New Year’s Eve too.

The solution? Spend New Year’s Eve at home! You can buy food and drink cheaply from the supermarket and host as many friends as your house can hold. You’ll be in good company too: 62% of adults surveyed in 2014 stayed at home on New Year’s Eve. This was an increase of 1.5 million from 2013 and the number will doubtless rise again this year as we struggle to enjoy ourselves without emptying our purses.

Here at Dunster House we have a number of products which could enhance your New Year’s Eve at home, whether you’re hosting a party or enjoying a quiet night in.

If the weather is its usual rainy self then our log cabins or garden offices will provide a cosy sanctuary for you to curl up in, or to host a party from. You can even add a Cabin Corner Bar to your Log Cabin and entertain your family and friends with your cocktail-making skills all night.

New Years Eve Outdoor Bar

If the weather is miraculously dry and you want to make use of your garden – perhaps you have a fireworks display of your own planned – then you could find our Merry and Tipsy Outdoor Corner Bars very useful. The queue will never be as long as it would in town, and thanks to supermarket prices, you could be generous to your guests and make it an open bar! If the Outdoor Bars look a bit too pricey because you’re already eyeing up an Erin Gazebo then good news! You could add a bar onto the Erin Gazebo and get the best of both worlds.

New Years Eve Erin Gazebo Bar


We have many garden buildings which can function as excellent shelters if it starts raining just as the fireworks flare, such as our pavilions and gazebos. We even offer structures where couples can snuggle up together for the New Year’s kiss, such as our Gerlinde or Cecilia Arbours. Of course, the usefulness of your new garden building would long outlast even the most fervent New Year’s celebrations. They are a long-term investment in your comfort. Our pressure treated products have a ten-year guarantee that they will remain free of rot or insect infestation without you needing to retreat them. One price tag for ten year’s worth of New Year’s Eve celebrations!

New Years Eve

December 31, 2015

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