New Years Resolution to… Socialise more!

New Years Resolution Garden Grill

It’s a New Years Resolution that everyone makes. You promise to spend more time with friends and family, catching up with loved one and being more sociable. At first, we stick to it but quickly our hectic work and home schedules take over. After a long day at work, the thought getting dressed up to go to an overcrowded bar is not appealing. Especially when it’s  surrounded by strangers and listening to bad music playing loudly.

Socialise more this year

It’s all too easy to make excuses to not leave the house, and we don’t blame you, but we want to help you stick to your New Years Resolutions this year which is why our variety of Garden Buildings, Structures and Extras help you maximise your spare time and make your garden the place to be for all your family and friends all year round. There are plenty of uses for our Log Cabins, Summerhouses and Garden Offices but, for this blog, I want to focus on just a few of our Garden Structures that you may not immediately think of when updating your garden.


New Years Resolution Gazebo Interior

Adding a Gazebo to your garden can really open it up. It adds glamour to even the most desolate space in your garden. We have a large selection of Gazebos in different shapes and sizes. You’re guaranteed to find one that perfectly suits your garden, taste and budget.

Made with only the highest quality materials our Gazebos are ideal for a multitude of reasons. Maybe you’ll add our one of our Atlas Gazebos as a shelter to your garden furniture like Julie did – read the review she left earlier in our blog by clicking here  – the fairy lights she added work all year round, not just for Christmas. The majority of our Gazebos, Julies Atlas Gazebo included, come with the option to customise them by adding walls. From timber, half timber/half glass or canopy dependent on the range you choose.

New Years Resolution Gazebo Interior

Designed to inspire you to rest and relax, our Gazebos are not just strong but beautiful too. Our large range of Thatched Gazebos brings a touch of the exotic to your back garden. So, creating a unique focal point that’ll have your guests talking all year round. While you can’t choose to add walls to our Thatched Range you can opt for standard, decked or fully loaded package. Thus allowing you to add balustrades, decking, benches, cushions, curtains and a canopy depending on the finish you want.


Stoves and BBQs

New Years Resolution Garden Grill

With our range of advanced stoves and BBQs, you will never again have to store the BBQ away for the six months of colder weather we experience but can throw garden parties all year round. All the BBQs in our range are anything but standard, having the design (or attachments) to enable you to cook meals to suit the seasons. Maybe you’ll cook a spicy chilli or warming paella for bonfire night, smoke the perfect brisket while frying potatoes for a garden party in the summer – the limitations are purely down to your culinary skills.

The stylish and hassle free BBQ’s are as beautiful as they are practical which is why the neutral black paint that we use on our BBQs is resistant up to 600 degrees Celsius so is unlikely to peel and flake under the heat. Dependant on the range you choose, these are easily transportable making your camping trips that much better!

New Years Resolution Garden Grill

Hot Tub

It is natural to get stressed and long for a day of rest and relaxation but spa visits are so expensive. On top of that, most of us do not have the ability to take a day off uninterrupted for pampering. The addition of a timber Hot Tub in your garden is an investment in your health. The deep circular tub lets you soak your aches and pains away in the warm water. Whilst the physical act of relaxing will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated for any challenging days ahead.

New Years Resolution Hot Tub

Once you have sunken down and relaxed under the water, the last thing we want to do is make you have to leave the Hot Tub to keep refilling your drink. That’s why our Hot Tub come with a double glass holder that perfectly fits two champagne or wine glasses meaning you can unwind knowing your favourite beverage is close at hand.

To make the Hot Tub even more convenient, it comes with all the fixings and accessories. Such as a paddle to make sure the waters even. Steps to make entering and exiting your Hot Tub easier and two benches for you to relax in comfort.

Eco friendly

This eco friendly Hot Tub is powered by an attached stove in as little as 1-4 hours. As the Hot Tub can seat up to six people, why not invite your friends over for a garden party? Entertain them with food that you have cooked on the solid top that comes as standard with the stove. Or, you could opt for the 20 litre stainless steel pot that allows you to cook stews, curries etc. Simply slide the wooden lid onto the Hot Tub as it heats up before opening it up and jumping straight in. With 45mm thick timber walls, and a strong 28mm floor, the Hot Tub is built to last. You can constructed in less than a weekend making the most of your rare down time.

New Years Resolution Hot Tub

Our large, varied range of Garden Buildings, structures, Climbing Frames, Summerhouses, Hot Tubs, Shelters and more give you a large range of choices when it comes to your garden. You’ve worked hard in 2015 and deserve a little rest and relaxation in 2016 – visit our website today or call 01234 272 445 to speak to one of our knowledgeable team who’ll be happy to discuss your needs and find a Garden Building to suit your needs.

January 3, 2016

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