New Years Resolution to balance your home/work life better?

Customer Reviews: Tarian Log Cabin Dunster House

As much as I hate to say it, the festive period is over and it’s time to get back to work. The Christmas chaos is replaced by everyday chaos that comes with running a house, only now you have to add work to that as well. Between playing catch up with the work you’ve missed during the festive period, running a house, looking after the kids, cooking, socialising and travelling, it can quickly lead you to becoming exhausted.

What if someone offered you the chance to cut your commute time down to under 5 minutes? That you’d be able to wake up after a good night’s sleep and enjoy a relaxing morning (as relaxing as it can be when you have kids) before going to work feeling productive and well rested. With the addition of Log Cabin or Summerhouse to your garden, this dream can quickly become a reality.

New Years Resolution

We are not saying these are your only options, our range of Garden Offices are spectacular and will showcase your business but may not be within your budget or match the style you want.  Made from untreated slow grown spruce timber, our Log Cabins  have a bright finish with fewer dead knots or sap runs. In addition to the aesthetic qualities of spruce over pine, there are some vital qualities to it as well. It will make spruce the only choice when thinking of purchasing an outside building.

By using spruce, our timber has a less permeable cell membrane making it more water repellent. Also not susceptible to blue mould fungus which causes unsightly black marks through your timber. All of the timber thicknesses we choose have the same long-lasting qualities. Whether you choose 19mm, 28mm, 45mm, 130mm or 145mm wall thickness is down to personal preference.

Customise your log cabin

You will need to annually apply treatment to the timber to ensure it keeps its high quality finish. However, with 19 different colours of treatment available, you’ll easily be able to find one that suits your business flawlessly. The timber you can’t easily get to, such as the thick bearers, are pressure treated against rot and fungal decay. That means you don’t need to annually apply treatment in this time. It’s  something we offer a 10 year guarantee on.

New Years Resolution

In addition to using high quality timber, we use toughened glass in our doors and windows. In contrast to the 3mm horticultural glass that is commonly found on the market today. By using a tougher glass, ours is much harder to break or scratch. Therefore, making your Log Cabin and Summerhouse more secure. In the rare occurrence that it does break, the glass will break into small pieces rather than large shards of glass making cleaning up easier and safer.

We know that each garden, business and customer has different ideas and tastes for their business. This is why our Log Cabins and Summerhouses have a level of customisation. With a varied range of options to choose from including wall, floor and roof thickness, treatment and protection amongst others. Thus, making it easier to create a Garden Office that is perfect for you!

Whether installed, or built yourself, you can easily build these Garden Buildings in as little as a weekend with the instructions provided (and maybe some help from our instructional videos on YouTube). Make 2016 a year where you work and play in equal measure by visiting our website , or calling our sales team on 01234 272 445, today.

January 2, 2016

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