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Gym in the garden - Boxing Bag Stand

No more excuses!

We know that exercise is good for you; preventing diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular, diabetes and other medical problems along with mental health by preventing stress and making your brain release endorphins which trigger happy feelings – sounds great if you’ve had a stressful week. The majority of us know this but commonly use excuses like “I don’t have time” or “It’s too late now!” and even “If I had the equipment at home I’d work out, but the house is too small” – sound familiar? It’s easy to find excuses to get out of exercising; I’m guilty of it myself, my gym hasn’t been used in a month because I tell myself I can’t find time in my day to fit travelling to the gym, working out and travelling back.  When you’ve worked hard all day, both at work and at home, it’s easy to put exercising to the back of your mind – until now!

Our brand new range of Outdoor Gym Equipment eliminates the excuses and puts the fun back into exercising! If, like me, one of your primary reasons for not going to the gym is being unable to find the time then our Outdoor Gym is essential. Simply choose where you want to place the Gym Equipment, whether concrete or decking, and secure it down using the galvanised steel base for a strong, long-lasting base that you can use daily come rain or shine – a must have for equipment that’s going to be exposed to a wide variety of elements throughout the year. We’re so confident of this that we offer a 10 year guarantee against structure failure caused by rust.

By having the gym just a stone’s throw outside your back door the gym stays at the front of your mind making you more likely to fit your workout into your day. You don’t have to find an additional 10-20 minutes to travel to and from the gym, adding 20-40 minutes to find in the day, but cuts your workout time out. When you go to the gym often you’ll find yourself wasting time catching up with people or waiting for machines to be free but, by having the gym equipment in your garden, you can focus more on a catered workout that targets your problem areas in half the time. Finding twenty minutes in your day is easier that finding an hour!

Along with saving time, the addition of Outdoor Gym Equipment to your garden, allows you to save money as well. As I’ve previously said you often have to find travel 10-20 minutes a day to go to the gym which can prove costly, especially with the rising costs of petrol, and the general upkeep of your car to make sure it’s on the road.  In addition to car maintenance costs, you have to pay gym membership fees which can often be as high as £40 a month. Over the year this can add up to £480 which, if you’re not going daily, is a lot of expense that could be better spent elsewhere. By adding our Outdoor Gym Equipment you will be able to save a substantial amount of money that can be put towards more important things like the holiday you’ve always wanted – Spain anyone?

Now you know why you need our Outdoor Gym Equipment, now you need to know which equipment to choose:

Gym in the garden - Boxing bag standBoxing Bag Stand
Boxing can give your body, and mind, a workout as you punch and kick your stresses away increasing your strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, endurance and power (that’s just a few).  With boxing bags weighing anything between 60 – 200lbs, depending on what type of workout you want, you need to be sure that the Boxing Bag stand is strong enough to withstand the weight of the bag and force of you hitting it. The stand is made from 86mm thick spruce timber, ensuring it is strong enough to withstand even the biggest blow as you fully throw yourself into the workout while the galvanised steel base keeps the stand securely in place.


Gym in the gardenDip Bars
A must have to strengthen your shoulders and arms, the Dip Bars give you a host to work your entire upper body – including toning your tum! The steel bars that you’ll dip, raise, push and pull up on are made from galvanised steel giving you less flex and greater resistance while working out.

At 1.72m high, you don’t want the possibility of the structure wobbling which is why we have spaced the legs of the Dip Bars far apart creating a wide base and eliminating the chance of rocking. You’ll quickly become addicted to the surge of adrenalin you get as you complete your 20 dips with ease!


Gym in the gardenFree Standing Wall Bars
A multi workout station in your home, the Free Standing Wall Bars are perfect for a variety of different workouts that’ll strengthen your core – making you feel stronger and more toned  just in time for the summer. With six bars at varying heights, the Fee Standing Wall Bar is a piece of equipment for gym enthusiasts of any level whether just starting or advanced. The thick 86mm timber supports and galvanised steel bars means the equipment will remain standing long after you’ve collapsed in an exhausted, but elated, heap on the sofa!




Gym in the gardenLeg Pull Up Station and Chin Up Bars
Tone all your trouble areas with the Leg Pull Up Station & Chin Up Bars! The chunky timber offers great support for arms as you push your body to get better results than any other core exercises you can do. The front allows you to step up, put your arms on the close set timber supports before pulling your knees up as high as they can go. Whether at an amateur or advanced level of fitness, the Leg Pull Up Station & Chin Up Bars gives you both a great muscle workout and the chance for progression meaning you’ll never lose motivation as you strive to reach the next level.

Have a chance to stretch those newly toned muscles by stepping to the back and using the bar, located 2.26m off the ground, to complete some chin ups. Working the core as hard as the Leg Pull Up Station, the thick 86mm timber structure and galvanised steel bar will make you feel confident as you push yourself harder than you ever thought possible. You’ll see the benefits immediately.


Gym in the gardenReverse Push Up Bar
Turn a classic exercise on its head with the Reverse Push Up Bar. With the bar set at 1.12m high, you’ll have plenty of space to fully straighten your arms before pulling yourself up until you chin meets the bar. Bolted to the ground with galvanised steel base to ensure stability, the Reverse Push Up Bar will easily withstand even the most intense workouts. It won’t be long before you and the rest of your family will be holding competitions to see who can do the most reverse pushups.

Once you’ve mastered the fluid movement of the reverse push up, you can make it a little more difficult by slowing down the movement.


Gym in the gardenSit Up Bench
A staple of any gym, the timber Sit Up Bench lets you strengthen your core. Lock your feet and knees to the galvanised steel bars before laying back and beginning your workout. The hard bench not only creates a sturdy base for you to feel secure when the workout gets intense but also forces your back to remain straight throughout, working on your form and helping you achieve the results you want quicker.




Gym in the gardenVertical Sit Up and Chin Up Bars
Work out both your legs and core with our Vertical Sit Up and Chin Up Bar. Pull yourself up the bars, situated 2.12m above the ground, before hooking your legs over the bars and performing hanging sit ups. You want to feel secure whilst you are working out which is why the wide base and thick timber eliminating any rocking while you are working out.

Legs need a rest? There are no excuses to not work out as the Vertical Bars are the right height to do chin ups and work your cores, arms and shoulders. How many can you do before you give up for the day? Can you beat your personal best?


Gym in the gardenWorkout Bench
The workout bench helps you build the core body muscles needed for everyday activities by working the pectoral, deltoid and forearm muscles. With thick, strong spruce timber used for the work bench and galvanised steel base and weight hooks, you’ll be able to easily increase the weight level as you hit all your targets. The straight bench helps ensure you have the correct shape and form before lifting the weight off the hooks and beginning your workout.

Think the bar weight is a little too advanced for you? The workout bench is the ideal weight for you to sit and tone your arms with the dumbbell weights. You’ll love building your confidence and toning your body.


We want to ensure your gym equipment is strong, sturdy and safe for you whilst you work out for your dream job. That’s why we have had all of our Outdoor Gym Equipment independently tested to make sure it complies with European Safety Standards ISO 20957-1:2013 ensuring that it has been rigorously tested and hit to ensure it meets high standards.

Take your health into your own hands by creating a gym completely customised to your needs by visiting or calling our sales team on 01234 272 445. Any questions? Feel free to ask the questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages or leave them in the comments box below.

  • Hi, I’m thinking of having an upright ‘timber punchbag stand’ (shown on your website). I want to use it in my garden (open air)
    Is the base of the stand fixed under the soil or grass, or is it stabilized on the surface?
    Your info would be appreciated.

    Many thanks
    Frank Johnson.

    • Hi Frank,

      We use hot dipped galvanised steel for the bottom of each post to fix your equipment to the base (which is usually concrete or decking). These parts are guaranteed against structural failure caused by rust for 10 years 🙂

      Our sales team would be able to tell you more, why not give them a ring on 01234 272 445? Alternatively I could get them to call you if you provide me your contact details – email them to me at


      Thank you.

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