Off grid solar lighting for your home

Solar Dunster House

Solar lighting has become increasingly popular across all types of domestic and commercial properties across the UK. So more and more people become involved with the fight against climate change.

Thousands of home-owners are opting to join the ‘green movement’. By adding solar PV panels to their property in order to reduce carbon emissions and rising energy bills.

Solar Dunster House

Here at Dunster House we sell off-grid solar powered lighting systems with 12V DC low energy CFL bulbs. They are available as a 3 or 6 bulb configuration. With a variety of glass or high reflective aluminium lamp shades.

During reasonable radiation levels and when used with a 100ah or 200ah battery the system can provide many hours of light. It needs to be on a full charge and the PV panels positioned on a south facing surface with no shading.

It can also supplement your home with a secondary source of lighting, which can help to reduce energy bills and CO2 emissions by not relying on grid-connected lighting for your entire daily consumption.

Solar Lighting Dunster HouseSolar Lighting Dunster HouseSolar Lighting Dunster House

As it’s off grid the solar PV panels do not need connection to mains powered electricity. Making it ideal for a garden building. A shed, garage or summerhouses are outbuildings which are not generally used for long periods of time during the day. So could benefit from off grid electricity as a primary source.

A variety of additional bulbs and light shades can be purchased in order to suit the interior of your home or outbuilding. For further information call 01234 272445 or follow this link –

November 2, 2011

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