Our Eco Composting Toilet!

Eco Composting Toilet Dunster House

I tell you a lot about our Log Cabins, Climbing Frames, Summerhouses, Garden Offices and other Garden Buildings but it is rare that I share some of our humanitarian products – that has got to change. Our WPC Eco Composting Toilet is, for lack of a better word, revolutionary. We identified the need for toilets that were secured and offered proper sanitation in countries where it was lacking such as South Sudan. We work closely with leading charity Oxfam to try and help as much as we can. Hence, we are a large part of a life changing pee power project. Along with these great projects, we sell the WPC Eco Composting Toilet which not only lets you go to the toilet in privacy but the excrement can be used to further fertilise the land.

Eco Composting Toilet Dunster House

Wood Plastic Composite

Made from a Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), the toilet is resistant to extreme temperatures such as those high above zero or drastically below. It withstands the high winds, heavy sun exposure (harmful UV rays) and whatever the weather can throw at you. All this combines to make the structure long-lasting, durable and low maintenance – once it’s built, it’s good to go. In addition to this, WPC is much lighter than timber, making transportation easier in rural areas. The toilet will be as easy to transport as it is to build at your choice of location.

Eco Composting Toilet Dunster House

Urine Diversion System

Behind the locked door, which is secured using a knob slide flush bolt internally and a ring handled gate latch on the outside to stop the door from swinging open, is a real game changer in the form of Urine Diversion System (UDS). This is not just a toilet, it’s so much more.  The UDS separates solid and liquid waste through its unique design, with the solid waste dropping into a wheeled bin strategically positioned underneath. This slowly turns into compost which has valuable nutrition for agricultural purposes when used as a fertiliser. It is transportable and spreadable without the need to touch it. We would never advise as direct contact can be hazardous due to the disease transmitting bacteria it contains. Our double toilet means that, whilst one bin is full and composted, you can use the other one.

Eco Composting Toilet Dunster House

Toilet Structure

Anyone who has used a public toilet knows that they can smell rather unpleasant. We thought about this when designing the toilet and worked out why the odour occurs. The cause for the smell comes from the bacteria mixing in one bowl. By separating the two matters immediately, we prevent the process of fermentation meaning you don’t have to suffer unpleasant odours. The toilet seat itself has a unique rubber seal which creates an unbreakable adhesive minimising odours even further.

Water and Electricity Supply

We know that users will not always have the convenience of flowing water and a full electricity supply at your disposal. This is why we use solar power. The Eco Toilet can stand independent of an outside electricity supply, using solar power to work both the water pump and lights (which are 12v). Our UDS doesn’t use any water meaning you don’t have the wastage of flushing. It is fantastic for spaces that don’t have a sewage system!

To order one of our toilets; for Humanitarian or domestic use such as allotments, farms, festivals, campsites, recreation areas and even holiday homes, visit our website. Alternatively you can call our team on 01234 272 445.

March 31, 2016

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