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It can be nice to invite your friends, family and neighbours over if you’re having a garden party but, sometimes, you simply want privacy. A garden that lets you relax at the end of the day without being exposed to the prying eyes of neighbours or, if your garden backs onto a public walkway,  complete strangers passing by. There is a large variety of fence panel on the internet but, after you’ve put months of blood, sweat and tears into transforming your garden into something you can be proud of, why opt for a garden fence that simply won’t match the quality of your garden? Our Managing Director Andy has created a range of fence panels to give your garden a border that’s as strong as it is attractive – he liked them so much he has added the Himalayas range to his garden!

Before I break down the various styles we have I want to discuss some fundamental features of our fence panels that make us stand out from garden fences available on the market today. The primary use of a fence is to create a strong border to your garden which is why the minimum panel thickness we use is 8mm, where many competitors typically choose 4mm, and the maximum is 12.5mm thick timber that are interlocked with tongue and groove creating a fence panel that can easily resist a ball being forcibly kicked at it multiple times.

By using strong timber panels, rather than the inferior thin ones, your fence will be less likely to become twisted or split creating weaknesses and unsightly gaps in the panels. As all timber has knots, although the slow grown spruce we use has less than others like pine, by using thicker panels the knots are less likely to fall out leaving you with a complete timber fence rather than one peppered with holes.

All the timber used for our garden fences, including the trellises, is pressure treated. This process means we can give you a 10 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay ensuring the fences retain their high quality finish. Some competitors offer ‘false guarantees’ where they are guaranteed only if you retreat the fence annually. Dip treating can often result in an unnatural colour[i],  we add an additive during our pressure treatment process which gives you a warm brown colour that will contrast any colour scheme beautifully rather than the green colour commonly associated with pressure treatment.

Another benefit that puts us above our competitors, not that you need any more reason, is that we use pre cut and planed timber meaning they are all the same shape, thickness and length. This way we can be sure that all the panels fit the frame and, in the case of our double sided fence, each other perfectly creating a well-built fence that will last for years to come. An additional benefit to planing our timber is your fence will have a wonderfully smooth finish that not only fits together better than unplaned timber giving the fence a more uniform finish that you can run your hands over without getting a splinter.

The final feature that lets us tower over the competition is the height of our fences. The town and country planning act states you can have a fence panel that is 2m higher than ground level, but no one seems to take advantage of this, often creating fences just 1.83m tall that are easy for the average adult to peer over. Always looking to create the best product on the market, we broke this mould by creating our fence panels at 1.98m giving you complete privacy in your garden. Of course, for those who want a smaller fence, we offer panels at 1.83m to give you options.

We know that, when it comes to your garden, your tastes are different so we’ve developed an extensive range of Fence Panels. There are 15 in fact and, within these ranges, there are a variety of optional extras to choose from so we are certain you’ll find a style that’ll border your garden perfectly.  Don’t let this overwhelm you as, when broken down, there are three distinctive styles to choose from: double sided, slatted and picket fence.


Fences Dunster HouseDouble Sided Negotiating neighbours when building fences can be troublesome, especially if it’s an unsightly fence, which is why our double sided fences are ideal for keeping both you and your neighbour happy. Made from Pressure Treated timber, the rich brown finish of the timber will beautifully compliment both gardens whether they have grass, gravel or concrete. Constructed with thick tongue and groove timbers, the easily built fence won’t have unsightly gaps or holes from dead knots falling out – two high quality fences for the price of one – your neighbour will thank you!



Fences Dunster House

Slatted The more traditional style garden fence, our slatted fence range allows you to choose if the slats run horizontally or vertically giving you control of the final look of your garden. Great for those with smaller gardens, the thick 8mm panels and 40mm supportive framework, give you a fence that is sturdy enough to withstand a stray football hitting it but thin enough to flawlessly border the smaller garden. Similar to the double sided option, the design of our slatted fences combine both sides of the garden fence meaning you’re neighbours will be pretty chuffed with the result too.



Fences Dunster House Picket Fence Perfect for keeping animals from digging up your lawn and kids from trampling your flowers whilst still letting passersby admire the garden you’ve created.  Available in varying widths and heights (990mm/590mm high or 9155m/1830mm wide), the timber panels are fixed to two horizontal posts. Equally spaced throughout are 35mm thick posts, the Picket Fences will remain stable through the windiest of days.




We give you everything you need to construct the fence yourself; including posts, gate, gravel board and the trellis for the top. Sold in single units, we let you customise the final look of your garden. Whether you want the clean chic lines of our Straight Top Fence, the soft curves of our Arched panels or the decorative finish of the Trellis – or a combination of all three – it is completely down to your taste and personal preference.

You’ve worked hard to create a garden that you can’t wait to relax in. One that you just can’t help looking at, whether out of the window whilst washing up or sitting outside enjoying a coffee as the sun goes up – don’t let it down at the final hurdle. Our range of fence panels offers you beauty, strength, longevity and style in equal measure. What are you waiting for? Visit www.dunsterhouse.co.uk/fence-systems to order yours today!

To learn more about our Fence Panel System Features, watch this short video where Managing Director, Andy Murphy, tells you all: Fence Panel System Features


[i]  Dip treatment can often give other colours as well as orange, always check the preservative used when purchasing

November 2, 2015

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