Our Galu Thatched Gazebo is a statement piece!

Thatched Gazebo Dunster House

One of the biggest perks of my job is that I often get to advise and help people who are looking for something special to add to their garden. Some have a clear idea of what they want; a Log Cabin, Summerhouse or Garden Office. However, several of you come to me looking for something a little bit different, a feature to your garden that will have guests talking for weeks but a space you can also utilise when not entertaining. Whenever these queries come in, my first thoughts are always the same: Thatched Gazebo.

Like the rest of our products our Thatched Gazebo  range has a variety of sizes and shapes available but for the sake of this blog, I am going to focus on one of my favourites, the Galu Thatched Gazebo. The striking structure is not only stunning, suiting a garden of all shapes, styles and sizes, but strong too – it can easily take on strong gusts of winds without collapsing.

Thatched Gazebo Dunster HouseThe 28mm thick grooved spruce which makes up the deckboard floor (which comes as standard with the Galu Thatched Gazebo) spans the entirety of the Gazebo and is attached to 140mm x 145mm thick joists. The last thing you want ruining your new structure is unsightly weeds growing through the decking which is why we give you a weed proof membrane to lay underneath the decking and keep the weeds and grass at bay. The decking creates a level platform that is perfect for putting your patio furniture on – a sheltered space to enjoy a hot cup or coffee or cold glass of wine.



Thatched Gazebo Dunster HouseThe last thing you want to do when entertaining friends and family is be worrying about it blowing away if the wind picks up or someone leans against the supports. That’s why our Galu Thatched Gazebo comes with six 145mm upright square posts. At 60% thicker than many of our competitors, these uniquely shaped posts strengthen the Gazebo further without taking anything away from the structure. The upright posts and angled support beams are ideal for hanging flower baskets off or, if you’d want a little shelter and shade, you can opt to add our curtains. Sold singularly; these curtains shade you from the direct, uncomfortable heat on sunny days but is also weather resistant giving you a break from the wind and rain. These are attached to the substantial posts and can be rolled up or released whenever you need them to be.  The decorative balustrades between the thick square posts are ideal for adding rectangular planters; I would have a variety of colours running along the outside of the Gazebo, hanging off of the balustrades, with fairy lights intertwined. That way, when sipping a glass of wine with friends, I won’t have to go inside to continue the evening.

Thatched Gazebo Dunster HouseThe main feature of the Galu Thatched Gazebo, as the name suggests, is the thatched roof. Made with genuine African Cape Reed, rather than cheaper synthetic materials like many competitors use, the roof really helps to give your Gazebo an exotic feel. If you choose to install the Gazebo yourself, it’s worth noting that the thatch is delivered to you in a mix of heavy duty and standard tiles. These are easily installed with clips that attach to a hot dipped galvanised steel roof frame. By using hot dipped steel, rather than plain steel, the framework has approximately 10 times more zinc being bonded with the steel resulting in a frame thats resistant to corrosion – we are so sure we give you a 10 year Guarantee against structural failure caused by rust.

Thatched Gazebo Dunster HouseIf you aren’t convinced that the Galu Thatched Gazebo is a true statement piece to any garden, our final feature will have you reaching for the ‘buy now’ button. I have spent many an afternoon daydreaming about what I would do if I had the fully loaded Thatched Gazebo. It comes with balustrades, decking, benches, cushions, curtains and canopy, turning your Gazebo into the ultimate entertainment venue. The bench circling the entirety of the Gazebo, and large table, makes easy work of hosting a large group of friends and family. Your friends can pile around, sharing drinks and food, and if it goes late into the night – it doesn’t matter – the curtains will keep you warm, safe and dry.


To order the Galu Thatched Gazebo W3.8m x D3.8m, and make your summer the most sociable one yet, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272445.


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