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Outdoor Gym Equipment

Christmas is a time for indulgence. Enjoying all the food and drink that you deny yourself throughout the year. We do know, however, that we have personal experience of the guilt you get when the festive period is over. Even my personal trainer says that he looks forward to January! His diary becomes full with clients looking to burn off their indulgences.

Now I don’t want to deny my personal trainer business. However I’m the first to admit that I don’t like going to the gym. It’s more necessity than want. It’s not that I don’t like working out, I do. But a gym membership normally involves time, expense, discomfort and a little intimidation. You have to find time within your chaotic schedule to travel to the gym, find parking and a locker. After all this stress, you are ready to hit the machines and burn off all the excess energy. You step out onto the overcrowded floor to find all the machines you need are being used by people. They happen to look flawless while working out. How do they even manage it? You finally manage to get on a machine. However you’re so self conscious that you can’t fully get into it.

It would be lovely to have the money, time or space in your house to have a home gym. It’s not always possible.

We’ve come up with the perfect solution with our brand new range of Outdoor Gym Equipment

The equipment is made with pressure treated timber and galvanised steel. So it’s built to last despite being exposed to the elements. We use slow grown spruce as it is cleaner and is less likely to shrink, warp or shrink. This, in addition to containing densely packed rings making it more stable, makes the Outdoor Gym Equipment strong enough to withstand even the most intense of workouts. To make the gym equipment even more stable throughout your workout, all our bases are made from galvanised steel to give you a long-lasting, solid structure. Whether you secure it to decking or concrete.

As the name suggest, our Outdoor Gym Equipment is for the outdoors. Thus, freeing up vital space in your home and eliminating the risk of tripping over equipment in the middle of the night. Another perk of the equipment being installed in your garden is it is pushed to the forefront of your mind daily as you walk past or glimpse outside your window making you less likely to come up with excuses to not.

Free up your space

In addition to freeing up space in your home, the addition of our Outdoor Gym Equipment to your back garden also frees up your time and bank balance. Eliminating the need to travel or pay monthly maintenance fees, the outdoor gym equipment is a one off investment that just keeps giving. Your gym will have no queues at the equipment allowing you to customise your workout to your specification making your workout take less time and produce better results. The large variety of Outdoor Gym Equipment lets you work your arms, upper body, core and legs allowing you to structure your workout to give you a stronger, toned and all round healthier body in no time.

For more information on our equipment, including a detailed breakdown on what each piece of equipment does, click here. To get 2016 off to the best start possible visit our website or call 01234 272 445 to speak to our knowledgeable team today.

January 1, 2016

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