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Christmas is hard.  It’s a fact.  Between shopping in overcrowded city centres, making sure all of the presents are wrapped, the house is clean, the food is prepared or cooked and ensuring that everyone is having fun you hardly have time to breathe throughout December.  What you need after the festive break is, well, a break!  Time away from all of the daily distractions where you can sit and unwind, leaving you feeling relaxed for the year ahead.  We have just the thing – a spa trip!

Spa Saunaroom Dunster HouseThe problem with travelling to a day spa, or overnight spa, is that you have to travel home afterwards.  If you do manage to become relaxed in the short period of time that you are there, it won’t last long.  The stress of battling traffic on unknown roads in terrible weather will quickly have you feeling like you never went away.  Our Meleg Outdoor Sauna gives you the luxury of a spa break in the convenient location of your back garden.


Meleg Spa Days

Made from 45mm timber the Meleg Sauna consists of two rooms, the sauna and a changing area so you don’t have to face the horror of running through the house in your underwear.  Walk through your garden, into the changing room and enjoy the sauna.  With an industry leading four point lock to secure the door, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted visitors popping their head around.  You can simply experience some real ‘me time’, a rarity in this day and age.

Spa Saunaroom Dunster HouseThe sauna itself is heated using an Electric Mini-X Sauna heater.  The Mini-X is ideal for personal sauna rooms, creating just enough heat to relax you without becoming overwhelming.  These are made to fit in the corner of cabins or against a flat wall, so are perfect for this product.  The heater produces a dry sauna environment conventionally however, if you want a steam sauna, you can simply add water on top of the hot stones which lay across the heater to create steam.  It is all down to personal preference.

To ensure that you can get the most out of you spa, we provide you with two Aspen Hardwood benches. This white, soft wood is fairly strong timber that is ideal for use in a sauna.  While standing trees tend to rot, the dry timber weathers well. It becomes a silvery-grey and is resistant to rot and warping.[i]  By providing two, we can make sure you have enough space to really stretch out without feeling cramped. Either with a friend or alone.

There are many health benefits that are linked to the use of a sauna making it crucial for an energised and refreshed 2015.

These include, but are not restricted to:

– Reducing the levels of stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenalin. It also increases levels of beta endorphins

–  If followed by a cold shower, it can reduce pain in rheumatoid arthritis.

– Increases exercise tolerance, peak oxygen uptake and performance in endurance sports

– Very good for opening pores and reducing the appearance of acne.

This really is one product that you can’t afford to miss! Visit or call our sales team now on 01234 272 445!



January 6, 2015

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