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Gazebo Utopia Dunster House

At Dunster House we design our products with you in mind. Our creative team read your comments and try to come up with designs that will appeal to you, not only in a  visual way, we also try to make them as simple as possible to build. We know that Summer in the UK does not always mean sunshine, infact it hardly ever does, we also know that some people simply do not have the space for our Log Cabins or Summerhouses but still want to have something in there garden that is visually attractive, practical and can be a talking point amongst their friends – so we came up with the Utopia Gazebo. Place this piece in the corner of your garden for the ultimate get away; sit and relax on a lazy Sunday morning with a coffee and a paper or bring your friends round for an impromptu garden party to celebrate summer.

We know that all our customers are different so we have come up with a few options for you:

Gazebo Utopia Dunster House
The Open Utopia Gazebo is 4 posts and a roof; perfect to provide shelter for that new patio set you have just bought.

You can have Double or Triple half panels, which simply are panels that will provide you shelter on the
bottom half of your gazebo.


Gazebo Utopia Dunster House  If you want more protection you can half Double or Triple full panels which will provide you with complete privacy within your gazebo. To give you the best of both worlds, you also have the option of 1 glass window and 1 full panel or 2 glass windows and 1 full panel. This gives you the full protection while still letting the sun in.

The appeal of the Gazebo is in its simple elegance. You are presented with a clean slate that you can decorate and utilize anyway you like. We have had customer images (as pictured in the featured image) with lights placed along the roofline- easy, cost effective and looks absolutely stunning. As our Gazebos are made from pressure treated timber – which gives it protection against rot and insect infestation – you won’t have all the fuss of painting it – so you really can just sit back and relax! Why not purchase our decking to add that last bit of luxury to your gazebo base.

To see our full range of Gazebos, visit our website or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

July 15, 2014

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