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Arbour Dunster House

We know from the multitude of photos you have sent in that you’ve worked hard to make your garden something more than just a space within your house.  You’ve turned them into some brilliant spaces for the entire family to enjoy; sometimes adding our Climbing Frames for your children to play on throughout the day, a Summerhouse to enjoy relaxing with friends and family or a Garden Office to take your business to the next level.

There are times, however rare, where these are not the Garden Buildings that you are looking for but you still want a sheltered space where you can unwind alone, with friends or with family no matter the weather. After over 20 years in the business we like to think that we’ve brought out Garden Buildings to suit them all which is why I’m confident that our Brenin Arbour is just what you’re looking for.

Brenin Arbour

Arbour Dunster HouseAt W1.5m x D0.8m, the Brenin Arbour makes it ideal for gardens of all shapes and sizes. Whether you decide to push the arbour back against a boundary such as a wall or fence, or have it as a focal point to charm all your guests, the arbour provides a sheltered space where you can truly recharge following a long day either alone or with friends.

At less than 2.5m high you can position the Brenin Arbour exactly where you want it which is why the back consists of a 9mm thick plywood panel attached so you remain protected from any damp or cold that could ruin your fun.

No space would be complete without somewhere to sit down and relax which is why the bench to our Brenin Arbour has a curved finish to ensure your increased comfort when sitting for long periods of time (because we know how hard it is to stop when you’re into a really good book).


So you’re not sat bolt upright, and can really sink into your bench whilst enjoying a hot coffee or your favourite book, we have angled the back of our bench. Whether you are unwinding alone, or enjoying a long overdue catch up with a friend, we want to make sure you are comfortable and not sat on each other’s laps which is why we made the bench 1100mm (3’ 6”) wide so you’ll have plenty of room to sit together without feeling squashed. On either end of the curved bench, there are large arm rests which are more than large enough for you to rest any drinks, nibbles, books or anything else you want to keep close at hand whilst relaxing.


Arbour Dunster HouseThe walls of your Brenin Arbour consist of two 745mm (2’ 4”) x 630mm (2’ 06”), 13mm thick tongue and groove timber panels topped with two 930mm (3’ 05”) stylish trellis panels. These are more than substantial enough to grow climbing plants, growing vines and any other plants you choose to grow which will only help to add further colour and character to your arbour. Even if you keep your trellis panels plain, the stylish panels gives your Arbour a Mediterranean finish that will suit gardens of any type, size or style.

We put the finish of the Brenin Arbour entirely in your hands by allowing you to choose between three
different roofing styles including Arabic, English and Japanese style fascia boards. All three styles consist ofArbour Dunster House 13mm tongue and groove timber but in very different styles. We deliver all three of these to you so you can choose the final look as you build it[1].

Pressure Treatment

To ensure that you have as high quality a garden structure as possible with as little effort on your part, all of the timber used to create your Brenin Arbour is pressure treated. The Pressure Treatment forces the chemical deep into the timber via machine, resulting in a timber that is much better protected then those pieces of timber that are dip treated.

Throughout this process, we add an additive to give the timber a natural oak like finish which will suit your garden much better than the unnatural colour that dip treatment normally would be.

The Pressure Treatment process means you will not have to annually reapply treatment for at least 10 years. As the treatment protects your Brenin Arbour against rot and fungal decay. A necessity for a building exposed to the extremes of British Weather.

The Brenin Arbour starts from as little as £249.99. To order your arbour today, visit our website or call us our friendly sales team on 01234 272 445.

[1]Please be aware the dimensions of the roofing styles change dependant on the one you choose.

April 29, 2016

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