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Summerhouse in the garden from Dunster House

We have a large selection of products for you; Log Cabins, Garden Office, Summerhouses and Climbing Frames to name a few. However it doesn’t matter how high quality your garden building is. Or how well you build it, if you don’t have the ideal roof finish for it.  We offer you three different types of roofing options for you to choose from. To give you even more customisation options, some of these roofing options come in different colours.  It is important to note that not every option is available for every product.

Roof finish Felt


This felt gives you a low cost, high quality option for covering your Garden Building. Each roll covers approximately 10m2 and is 1.7mm thick. Not only is it easy to install, especially with the fixings we provide, but it provides a waterproof covering to your Garden Building.

Roof Finish Superfelt


Made from a stronger material than our normal felt, the Superfelt will last longer and won’t need to be replaced as often. Don’t worry, our normal felt is still a high quality product. As said above, it gives you a low cost easy to install option. However, our Superfelt does offer additional properties than our mineral felt, one of which is that it is made from an advanced polyester formula. This, along with being extra thick, makes it more resistant to tearing in strong winds.

Even more importantly the Superfelt has a larger elongation at break. In simple terms: the elongation at break is a way of testing how resistant the material is to changes of shape without cracking. By having a material with a larger elongation, we can be sure your material is strong enough to withstand manipulation.

Designed specifically for prolonged exposure to the elements, the non-rotting base and UV resistant mineral surfacing give you peace of mind that your Garden Building is protected from anything the British seasons can throw at it.

Roof finish for your garden building

Shingles (both Hexagonal and Square)

More decorative than the felt or superfelt, our shingles come in red, green or black (our hexagonal shingles are black). These are 3mm thick. It gives you a durable, long lasting roof material that will suit most of our Garden Buildings. Although Shingles are the more expensive of our roofing optional extras, as they are made with high grade bitumen, they do offer a more attractive roof finish to your Garden Building.

Along with our shingles, we supply you with a free durable thick plastic membrane and the clout nails you need to secure the shingles to the roof. This helps you to ensure the roof finish material is secure in place. It won’t blow away when the weather picks up.

Please note: we don’t offer roof shingles on buildings which have a roof thickness under 15mm. This ensures there is adequate timber to fix into.


September 9, 2016

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