What to plant in May

What to Plant in May Greenhouse Dunster House

We have had some fantastic weather recently and it is now warm enough that small plants can be planted in your greenhouse or out in the garden. This month is perfect for growing and there are lots of flowers and vegetables to choose from. Home-grown vegetables and herbs bring fresh flavours to summertime meals and flowers will bring an abundance of colour to your garden making for beautiful haven.


  • Foxgloves – One of the most distinctive plants, featuring tall and tubular flowers that come in a variety colours, including pink, red, purple, white and yellow.
  • Wallflowers – Bring amazing colour and fabulous scent to your garden in the spring. They can be planted anywhere and are hardy plants, surviving frosts and harsh winters.
  • Cosmos – An essential for summer gardens, reaching various heights and come in array of fantastic colours. They are easy to care for but be sure to plant them where there is plenty of sunlight.
  • Lupines – A tall, attractive and spiky plant that will add colour and texture to your garden. The flowers bloom in early to mid summer displaying their wide range of colours from deep blue, purple and lavender.
  • Purple Orchid – Often sprouting with the bluebell, the purple-pink flowers not only look fantastic in the spring, but they also give off a wonderful scent.


  • Courgettes – Courgettes appreciate as much sun as they can get in the UK and don’t give of their best in shade or partial shade. As well as liking sun they also like lots of water so a position near a water source for manual watering is a good idea.
  • Onions – A popular vegetable for growing in gardens and are one of the first crops of spring, they can even be stored over winter; they are a very versatile crop.
  • Cucumbers – Another very popular garden crop that can grow in the ground or in pots. Home-grown cucumbers taste much better and are very easy to grow.
  • Cabbage – Comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours. Although they can be difficult to grow, there are many varieties that can suit both growing conditions and taste preferences.
  • Runner beans – One of, if not the easiest of all vegetables to grow. Being as tall as they are, they produce beans all over the stems, so even if you have a small bit of space you can still get a lot of produce.
What to Plant in May Greenhouse Dunster House

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What to Plant in May Greenhouse Dunster House What to Plant in May Greenhouse Dunster House

April 27, 2015

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