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Playhouse Climbing Frame Dunster House

It is the Easter holidays. Your children have been off for a week now and you have had to entertain them, take them on day trips, to lunch, to the park etc. It has been costly; it has been exhausting and left you needing a holiday despite just having a week off of work. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything about that now. However, what we can do is prepare you for the summer holidays. To give you something that will keep your children entertained and prevents them from climbing all over you. It goes by the name of playhouse.

Playhouse range

Playhouse Climbing Frame Dunster HouseOur range of Climbing Frames is ever expanding; in fact they have recently had 5 more put into their range: UltraFort Paddington, TreeFort, PlayHouse Mansion, Playhouse Mansion and Casper Den and Sandpit. These combine the fun of the Climbing Frame and Playsystems together so you have a little bit of everything. Ideal for children aged 3-14. For the purpose of this blog, we are going to focus on the Playhouse Mansion.

The Playhouse Mansion gives your children a secret club of their own where they can sit and chat with their friends away from prying eyes. Combining the fun parts of a climbing frame such as monkey bars, slides and swings and the den-like shelter of our PlaySystems this will be a great way to keep children of all age, interests and gender entertained. These have all been put through the same vigorous safety tests that all of our Climbing Frames go through before they are put online.

The front of the Playhouse is accessible through a door which your children can walk through. The two windows located on both the first and second Playhouse Climbing Frame Dunster Housefloor, which are for aesthetic purposes only, allow light to stream through. Opening the front door, your children will enter the ‘first floor’ which provides protection from the sporadic weather that is common of a British Summer and provides space where your child can sit, play or just relax with their friends. From there it’s just a short climb up the ladder to the second floor and access to the slide which they will undoubtedly fly down.

Order now so you can have them in time for the summer holidays. Your children will be entertained for hours. Frankly, you’ll have a hard time getting them to come in at all. Visit


April 4, 2015

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