Popular uses of our Log Cabins

A little while ago we put a poll to our Facebook readers:

“What would you use your Log Cabin for?

A. Retreat
B. Games Room
C. Office
D. Bar/Pub”

We got a fantastic response. At the time of writing, the most popular choices were A or D but plenty went for the others as well.

So let’s go a bit more into detail about how great our Log Cabins are for these purposes.

Our toughened glass is very, very difficult to scratch – we’ve thrown a brick at it with no noticeable effect – so whatever you use your Log Cabin for, your view will remain unobscured for much longer than competitors’ styrene or horticultural glass.

A – Retreat

Log Cabins from Dunster House with sofa

When you need somewhere to escape the hassles of your daily life, a tranquil getaway at the bottom of your garden is perfect.

A key element of your Log Cabin bolt hole is that you can sit comfortably inside in any weather. In winter, keeping your new room warm is the main aim. If you have bought double-glazed windows then any heater you install will be far more efficient, and this also applies for our roof and floor insulation.

For a little bit extra you can maximise your Log Cabin’s insulating properties by buying a 130mm Log Cabin with wall insulation too.
Our storm braces also help to secure the roof in case of any unusually strong winds.

If you’re thinking about summertime, and sitting in your retreat watching the world go by, then the opposite is your problem. No-one wants to stay for long in a stuffy room!

Not only do we provide all our Log Cabins with air vents to prevent moisture build-up, but our PremiumPlus windows stay open once pushed thanks to our friction stay hinges. So once you’ve sat down, you can stay there!

B – Games room

Log Cabins decorated as a game room

Log Cabins from Dunster House

Our range of Log Cabin sizes mean that whether you’re a solo gamer or enjoy big gaming nights with friends, we can provide what you need for an excellent games room.

If you use retro formats like a dance mat or the Wii, or just enjoy moving around a lot as you play, you will be pleased with our strong 19mm spruce floorboards. These are thicker than the 11mm used by some competitors, and spruce is a denser wood than pine, which is a very common alternative timber used by competitors.

If you’ve just scored on Fifa and you want to jump to your feet and celebrate, you will have the room to do so. For example, the highest point in our Severn Log Cabin is nearly 8 feet tall!

We’d recommend choosing double-glazing for a games room, as it will help muffle the sounds of celebration or sorrow!

C – Office

Log Cabins designed as an office

No more working out of your kitchen, lounge or spare bedroom. No more taking conference calls in your car because you’ve got washing drying behind you indoors. With a garden office you can keep work and home life blissfully separate. Bearing that in mind, there are several features you might find beneficial.

If you have been craving a professional looking workspace, our Log Cabins can help. We only use slow-grown white spruce in all our garden buildings. Not only is this a high-quality strong and dense timber, it is also a pleasant uniform colour. Many of our competitors use pine, which is really meant for indoor furniture and can produce a lot of unsightly sticky sap.

Another option from our competitors is “European mixed softwood”. This combination of different wood is likely to be weaker and to have an ugly striped appearance. Not what you want your contacts, co-workers, suppliers or buyers to see!

To protect your new workspace, our Log Cabins have many security features. As well as the toughened glass mentioned earlier, the windows, which are the same type as we offer for houses, are internally beaded, which means that they cannot be removed from the outside. The door has a 4 point locking system, consisting of a hook, a locking latch, and two roller locks, and the windows also have multi-point locking.

D – Bar/pub

Log Cabins with bar and decoration

Log Cabins with corner bar and decoration

If you’ve set up a bar or even a pub in your garden then hopefully you will be cramming a lot of people into your new Log Cabin. Ventilation is therefore a priority in order to keep the party going as long as possible. The air vents which come with our Log Cabins allow the timber to breathe and prevent the spread of mould.

The friction stay hinges will also be useful here, enabling you to open the windows and leave them there rather than interrupting your hosting by having to open them all evening. Our windows are designed to the European standard for household windows: EN1279. This helps to make sure that our windows will not become unsealed, and so help to prevent condensation forming.

We also sell a Log Cabin Bar. A very effective  bar made from the same spruce timber as everything else. While a full-on pub makeover as the ones you can see in our customer images will require a more expansive bar set-up, our Log Cabin Bar will do very nicely for a bar area with your friends and family.

We hope you agree that our Log Cabins are full of design possibilities! Other suggested ideas on Facebook included bakery and cake decorating, a home gym, a children’s playroom, and even a cattery! Comment below if you’ve got any ideas.

To order yourself a Log Cabin today, or to find out more, visit our website (http://ow.ly/h5rO30bPlan) or call our sales team on 01234 272 445.

May 24, 2017

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