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So Christmas has been and gone, and the festivities are starting to die down. What do you do with all the left over ‘stuff’ that Christmas leaves you with: tags, wrapping papers, envelopes, presents and general clutter.

At Dunster House, we care about the environment and like to promote recycling wherever we can. Any wrapping paper that is left over can be recycled, if you are really crafty with opening, it can even be reused. Although if you want to get rid of clutter, hoarding is probably not the best thing to do!

Unwanted Gifts

Although always a touchy subject, unwanted gifts, can be recycled in a fashion. There is bound to be someone who likes it even if you don’t. Assuming that you won’t offend the person who gifted it to you; you can sell it, give it away or swap it for something that you really wanted.

Old toys/books

It is easy to get overwhelmed at Christmas with all the new presents you are given. ‘Purge the toy box’ and make sure that you get rid of everything you have not played with, read, or touched in the last 6 months. Before you do however, make sure you have a black bin bag with you, and fill it with all the toys that aren’t damaged, broken or have parts missing. There are plenty of children who have nothing this Christmas, give your toys to hospices, hospitals (remember to follow their guidelines), toy libraries or even charity shops!

Cardboard, bottles and bags

Boxes are being torn open, alcohol is being drunk and gift bags have been cast aside in the excitement of what you have. If your area doesn’t have a local bin collection for recycling (most people will, check with your council) then you may need to go to a supermarket or recycling facility to carry on with your eco-resolution! Don’t give up – it is worth it!

Envelopes/Jiffy Bags

All the envelopes, jiffy bags and parcels that you receive – keep the packaging! These can be reused a multitude of time if you have the blank sticker to keep covering it up with. This can save you money and hassle. Save everything you can – just remember to store them properly!

General post-Christmas clutter

Whilst taking down your decorations, take stock! Make sure that those decorations are still in good condition and are what you want. If they aren’t than get rid of them. Throw them away so you start the New Year more organised!

Do you have any recycling tips to help us? Let us know in the comments below!

December 27, 2014

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