PremiumPlus Severn 5 x 3m

Man Cave PremiumPlus Severn Dunster House

There’s already a huge range of expertly crafted timber Log Cabins, but each year we add a few models to extend the richness of choice. We have an extensive range that aim to appeal to suit everyone’s requirements. Take for example one of our more popular Log Cabins, the PremiumPlus Severn 5.0 x 3.0m. This model, along with all our other fantastic Log Cabins is ideal for a variety of activities.

The PremiumPlus Severn is the perfect place to escape the city or the suburbs, with a large area if you need space to work, it would also make a perfect office, with plenty of room for storage. If you intend to use your Log Cabin for business purposes then a major advantage is that is only metres away from your home, handy! You will also save money on commuting and feel more at home with your own personal Log Cabin.

The best thing about having your own Log Cabin is that it is your own space. You can fill it with whatever you like and use it all year round. We realise that space and privacy is important, so if you intend to use your Log Cabin more for pleasure than business then the PremiumPlus Severn will provide you with more than enough space to create your perfect man cave or women’s den. Perhaps its arts and crafts, painting or simply somewhere to unwind after work there is no better home away from home.

Man Cave Cabin

We love receiving pictures of our customers Log Cabins – you are all so inventive. Take for example Mr Waghorn’s beautiful PremiumPlus Severn that he describes as his perfect ‘’man cave’’. We think it looks fantastic and we hope you will find a Log Cabin that you can be proud of and use it throughout the year.

Man Cave PremiumPlus Severn Dunster House

June 6, 2015

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