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Our high quality, heavy duty sheds are great for your garden. They are taller than most sheds already on the market. They are standing at 2.4m tall, coupled with their extra thick 16mm cladding. So there’s very little you can’t store in there.

16mm shiplap timber

After scouring the internet we have found that the majority of our competitors sheds have 12mm cladding, compared with our heavy duty, thick 16mm cladding. The panels we use are made of 16mm shiplap timber with a 12mm overlap, larger than the industry norm. Because of the thickness of the timber and its design, it reduces the chance of holes appearing in your shed, as timber naturally expands and contracts.

Pressure treated timber

All of the timber which goes into manufacturing our sheds is pressure treated after being cut to size. This is to ensure that all pieces of timber used to construct your shed are fully treated and do not leave ends without protection. This can happen if the process is carried out before the timber is cut to size. We have found that our competitors dip treat their timber, leaving ends exposed and not forcing the treatment deep into the timber.  Due to the pressure treatment it allows us to provide a 10 year timber guarantee against rot and insect infestation. This includes the floor bearers on the sheds.

4mm thick toughened glass

Not only do our sheds stand the test of time, they come with the best protection possible, our 4mm thick toughened glass. The majority of our competitors use either Perspex or horticultural glass, both prone to scratching or breaking which is hardly ideal, especially if you’re partial to a game of football or cricket in the back garden.

Double barn doors

Many of our sheds have double barn doors, with a walkthrough width of 1.20m (3’11’’), making moving objects in and out of the shed easier. Not only are our sheds great for storage, they act as the perfect workshop. It allows enough space to complete any handy work or DIY projects.

A shed is not simply a shed; it is the ultimate man cave, your own little home from home to escape the daily stresses of life. Perhaps it is just a place for storing your tools and equipment. Either way it needs to withstand the grim British weather and last you for years. This is something we can guarantee, 10 years in fact!

October 14, 2014

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