Prepare your garden for winter

Prepare your garden - Dunster House Greenhouse


Prepare your garden - Dunster House Greenhouse


Remove dead leaves from flowers and vegetable patches.

Dig up the plants that last only a season and add them on the compost heap. Remove yellowing or dead leaves or flowers before rot develops and remove any weeds hidden under the plant foliage. Removing leaves off your lawn will not only make it look more attractive but helps your compost heap.

Start composting

Start composting your leaves now to give them a chance to break down and produce nutrient-rich compost, which will be ready for boosting the garden in the New Year. As you are growing the soil without artificial inputs such as synthetic fertilizers that are often too high in nitrogen a healthy organic soil makes for more nutritional vegetables.

Plant for 2016

Pick up some bulbs you can plant ready for next spring. Flowers like daffodils and tulips will be ideal to plant in autumn as they can get their roots growing before the real cold sets in. If you are worried about your plants not sprouting or simply do not have room why not consider a greenhouse from Dunster House.

Use a quality greenhouse

You need one with good ventilation as they are prone to gathering steam and condensation on mild days. At Dunster House we have fantastic Greenhouses, offering handy optional extras like our auto top opener that is fitted with a temperature sensitive stay arm which will save you the hassle of checking and opening the ventilation manually and will allow fresh air to ventilate inside and help remove stagnant air.

Don’t forget about the wildlife

Especially birds and little critters that visit your garden, put out a bird feeder and try and food accessible as many animals and birds can find it really difficult to source food in winter – especially if it snows or the ground is frozen. Not only are they lovely to watch, but they’ll eat any winter insects that are feasting on your plants.

October 22, 2015

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