Preparing your garden for Autumn and Winter

Garden bench in autumn


We are already in the grip of autumn with temperatures gradually dropping, the days are becoming shorter and the leaves are turning colour. With a mix of beautiful red, golden brown and orange leaves scattered across your garden, it important to clear them up to keep your garden looking good.

Gather up all the leaves

Some see gathering leaves as a chore, the truth is fallen leaves are gardener’s gold! If you have a place to store them such as garbage bag or compost bin, perfect! The fallen leaves can be used for mulching in the garden. There are many benefits to collecting leaves; if they are shredded and then spread over the soil it will help suppress weeds, retain moisture, and provide soil enrichment as it decomposes to provide food for your plants and flowers.

Shrubs and Trees

Prune any wayward branches on your shrubs to improve the overall shape and, if they need it, give your hedges a final trim before the frosts hit. Remove any dead, diseased or damaged branches, particularly with your trees, to prevent the stems from rubbing together and creating wounds or deformities.

Garden Structures

Once your borders and structural shrubs and trees have been cut back, it’s a good opportunity to gain easy access to carry out any maintenance work that may be required on your summerhouse, greenhouse or log cabin. Keep a particular eye out for pest infestations and carry out any garden building maintenance, if you have a Dunster House garden building our maintenance guides can be found in our article section.



Put some colour back in your garden

The colder months have more than likely left your garden looking drab and dreary. There is a solution though, plenty of flowers that can provide some much-needed colour in the colder months; plants such as heather, cyclamen, pansies and snowdrops that can be grown in pots and hung. They will bring lots of colour back into your garden.


Weeds are a gardener’s ultimate nemesis. Invest your time now in a serious de-weed of the garden now. Trust us, you won’t have another mammoth task on your hands when the weather warms up again. Whether you need to clear the flower bed, the lawn or those irritating weeds that present themselves between the cracks in your patio or decking, be sure to use some decent weed killer!

Make repairs

It is important to repair any damage to your garden and garden buildings. It will help them survive even the coldest weather. Once you’ve repaired raised beds, sheds, bins and fences make sure you paint or spray them with a preservative. It will protect them against rot and fungal decay often bought on by the prolonged damp conditions.

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October 8, 2017

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